'Chef’s Table' Season 7: Everything We Know So Far

'Chef’s Table' Season 7: Everything We Know So Far

Netflix's award-winning food documentary series is coming back with more seasons!

This article was recently reviewed and is up to date as of March 14, 2021.

Unlike other food-centric shows, 'Chef’s Table' gives us a deeper appreciation for food and the people behind its magic, minus the pressure and competition.

The documentary series is created by David Gelb and premiered on Netflix on April 26, 2015.

The humbling and heartfelt documentary that unfolds the life stories of world-renowned chefs is a major success, now with 6 seasons, 30 episodes, and 2 spin-offs ('Chef's Table: France', andChef's Table: BBQ') to date.

'Chef's Table' is in full swing with more seasons currently cooking. Here is what we know. 

Chef's Table

Will There Be 'Chef’s Table' Season 7? 

Great news, food buddies! 'Chef’s Table' is coming for seasons 7 and 8! 

Food and Wine reported the show's renewal back in May 2019.

The first 3 seasons aired 6 episodes each, while seasons 4-6 only had 4 episodes respectively. We do not know how many episodes will be included for seasons 7 and 8 yet. 

Chef's Table Mashama Bailey

When Will 'Chef’s Table' Season 7 Release? 

We do not have the release dates for seasons 7 and 8 yet, and Netflix has kept its mouth shut lately.

Initially, fans thought that season 7 would arrive by February 2020, following an average one-year gap between previous seasons. Unfortunately, the predictions were wrong, and the Covid-19 pandemic might be among the factors behind the delay.

The series features different chefs from all around the world, and the current travel restrictions may have caused huge problems in production. 

Chef's Table

What Is The Plot Of 'Chef’s Table' Season 7?

'Chef's Table' takes a closer look into the lives and kitchens of the most successful and renowned chefs from all around the world.

Each episode focuses on one chef, and interestingly, each of the subjects heads one of the top 50 best restaurants in the world.

We are expecting season 7 to introduce an all-new lineup of distinguished chefs and masters of the culinary world.

According to showrunner David Gelb, what makes 'Chef's Table' different from other food shows is the absence of competition.

"We don’t have a host or a competition format. Each episode is its own documentary, and it puts a big burden on the filmmakers to keep it compelling for 45 minutes," Gelb told LA Times. 

Dario Cecchini

Who Will Be In 'Chef’s Table' Season 7?

We don't have the official line-up for season 7 yet, but we are sure that the chefs who will be featured will be as distinct as those who were part of the previous seasons.

Season 6 introduced us to Mashama Bailey, part-owner of the restaurant called The Grey in Savannah, Georgia. Her specialty is giving twists to Southern food tradition. The second episode featured Italian butcher Dario Cecchini, while episode 3 delved into the life of Asma Khan. Episode 4 introduced us to another restaurant owner, the Southern cuisine specialist Sean Brock.

Is There An Official Trailer For 'Chef’s Table' Season 7?

The trailer is not yet available as of this writing. We will leave you with the season 6 trailer in the meantime and a promise to update this space immediately once the season 7 trailer drops. 



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