Netflix's 'Virgin River' Fans Concerned How Charmaine Has Been Pregnant For Four Seasons

Netflix's 'Virgin River' Fans Concerned How Charmaine Has Been Pregnant For Four Seasons

The real kicker is the fact that only five months have passed in the continuity of the show. Picking up the pace doesn't seem like an option.

Never has time been more mind-boggling than in the Netflix show Virgin River. Apart from the major bumps in the road for the other characters (pun intended), Charmaine’s life has been agonizingly slow, especially when it comes to her pregnancy, TODAY notes. In case it wasn’t forthright in the show, Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) has been pregnant for four seasons, and yet somehow only five months have passed in the show’s timeline?


This was confusing for all fans when they found out about the duration of her gestation. In a call to 911, Jack tells them that Charmaine is five months along in her pregnancy. This takes place in the finale of the fourth season of Virgin River. Considering that the show premiered in 2019, viewers are three years older but the characters are only five months older. 


Fans are asking the show to pick up the pace so that the rest of the show would make sense. Because if Charmaine is only five months pregnant, then the rest of the characters have been going through some things remarkably fast. According to TODAY, “A few events that have taken place in the last five months? Doc’s surprise grandson, Denny, coming to town. Lilly’s death. Hope’s absence and brain injury. The Paige-Preacher saga.” This is just the tip of the iceberg, a Twitter user named Beverly Musing, summed up by saying, “if Charmaine is 5 months pregnant, that means, in 5 months: Jack broke up with her, got together with Mel, got shot, recovered, broke up w/Mel, got together with Mel and is engaged to her & she is 8 weeks pregnant.




And this is still not counting the fact Mel and Jack had a long discussion about whether they want kids or not. So, the show has been zipping past while Charmaine has been doing her own thing. Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel, addressed the timeline in an interview with Glamour. “Things move slowly in Virgin River,” she told the publication. “I think Mel’s only been in Virgin River for maybe four months. “It’s a hundred and some odd days; there’s a chart for it. She’s only nine weeks pregnant at this point, and Charmaine is like five months, apparently.”




Adding to the drama mix, Charmaine reveals that Jack is not the father of her children. Season five of the Netflix series is already shaping up to be interesting and if fans’ voices get through to the writers, we may actually see Mel and Charmaine giving birth

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