Chaos; Head Season 3: Here's Everything We Know So Far

Chaos; Head Season 3: Here's Everything We Know So Far

'Chaos; Head' might have concluded the story in the final film, but the franchise is far from getting over.

In the world of anime, 'Steins; Gate' stands as one of the top-rated anime of all time. It was because of its finest quality and unmatchable content, 'Chaos; Head' was put on the spotlight, as fans were skeptical about whether or not it will be as awesome as 'Steins; Gate'. Even though for any anime to be as good as the former one is hard, 'Chaos; Head' too, found it a little hard to stand up to fans' expectation. However, that doesn't necessarily mean the show is not worth your attention. No matter what, fans do love the show and the storyline that it follows. 


The anime series is created by Madhouse Studio which has given anime lovers some of the legendary anime shows like 'Death Note' and 'One-Punch Man'. Even though this show will not come under Madhouse's best works but it can surely be considered as an engaging anime series, which is why fans are now demanding for a third season. Therefore, here is everything we know about the third season.

When Can We See Season 3 Of 'Chaos; Head'?

The first season that released on October 9, 2008, was somewhat an alternate setting for ‘Stiens; Gate‘, which ran till December 25, 2008. After a long pause, the show got another season titled ‘Chaos Child’, which premiered on January 11, 2017, and went on till March 29, 2017. Of course, the second season too performed well which is why an anime movie sequel of the series aired on June 17, 2017. The fact that the entire franchise has been adapted from the same visual novel, there are several different alternate settings. 

Anime shows are more linear as compared to visual novels, because of which they have the potential of picking up one parallel story at a time. In the same way, 'Chaos; Head' might have concluded the story in the final film, but the franchise is far from getting over. So, we can definitely be positive for the third season, and if everything goes well then we might see the third installment sometime in late 2020 or early 2021. However, we cannot forget the key point on which the renewal depends, and that is the fans' viewership and how well has it performed for the production team to give it another shot. Therefore, it is better that we first wait for an official comment to have our expectations high. 

What Is 'Chaos; Head' All About?


The story of this anime show is set in Shibuya, Japan and is about a high school student whose name is Takumi Nishijou. The protagonist gets caught up in mysterious rumors about the 'New Gen' murders. But, for the person he was, someone who is indifferent to happenings around him and in the city, he dismisses the rumors. He didn't know about the consequences that followed him when things started changing all of a sudden, as he starts witnessing and experiencing some absurd and unexplained mishaps around him. The strange and creepy things started when he first received a horrifying picture on his computer and later, things started getting worse when he comes across a random pink-haired girl standing at a murder scene. He finds himself falling into a loop where he no longer is able to differentiate between what's real and what's reel. The story shows his journey when he starts getting closer and closer to the 'New Gen' killer after an unforeseeable fate opened its door for him. 

How Do Fans Feel About The Show?

Well, the show received extremely mixed reviews with most of them being negative. 










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