Carnival Row Season 2: Cast, Plot, Trailer and More

Carnival Row Season 2: Cast, Plot, Trailer and More

Philo and Vignette are ready for another chapter of putting a stop to crime in the magical, fantasy world of the Burgue. However, with one of the co-creators of the show jumping ship, one has to wonder how the quality of the series will be affected going forward.

The riveting steampunk fantasy Amazon Prime series from Travis Beacham and René Echevarria has been confirmed to return for a second season to take us further into the adventures of Philo and Vignette. News of the show’s renewal was announced back in July 2019 and there may be rumors suggesting that Carnival Row season 2 would drop on Amazon sometime in the latter half of 2020.
We got all the latest updates for you when it comes to production, potential cast members, a trailer, and more juicy tidbits. So buckle up and get ready to be spoiled if you haven’t caught up with the show as of yet.

What is the Premise of Carnival Row?

Carnival Row

The world of Carnival Row takes place in a Victorian-themed world known as the Burgue were mythical creatures have been fleeing their war-ravaged homelands and settled in this city hoping to escape the atrocity. Unfortunately, the refugees find themselves entangled in the middle of spiraling tensions with the citizens. Over here, the citizens treat refugees with suspicion and hatred.

When Was the Show Renewed for Season 2?

Carnival Row

Seeing as how Carnival Row was already renewed for a second season in July 2019, which was before the premiere of the first season on August 30, 2019, it seems Amazon has high hopes for the show going forward. Renewal of the show was announced on social media with a tagline saying "We know you'll want more. The story is just beginning."

Will We Even Get a Season 2?

Carnival Row

Having just premiered on August 30, 2019, one could expect that Amazon really has big plans for the show going forward, which they still do. However, a bit of a tragic development occurred in 2019 when cocreator Travis Beacham left the show before the production of season 2 due to creative differences.
To make matters worse, the season 1 showrunner Marc Guggenheim also pulled out of the show, for whatever reason. In place of him will be Daredevil vet Erik Oleson, which does give us a bit of hope. But still, this doesn't tell us anything about the quality of the next chapter and how the direction will be like.

If We do Get a Season 2, When Will it Drop?

When Season 2 was announced back in July 2019, we would've hoped to expect the second season the drop sometime in 2020. But it seems those plans have been delayed to a further date as the official Twitter account of the show announced on November 11, 2019, that the series has started production on the next season.


Given the vast scope and budget that goes into the production of the show, and that the first season was filmed for over 108 days, it is possible that we are either going to be getting season 2 at the tail end of 2020 or possibly even the summer of 2021. This makes sense considering the first season took about 18 months before it was officially released on Amazon Prime after its announcement in late 2017.

What’s the Story for Season 2 Going to Be like? (Warning: Spoilers!)

Carnival Row

Last chance to walk away and avoid heavy spoilers if you haven't watched the show yet.
The two big plot devices in the first season of Carnival Row involved Philo investigating the Darkasher murders as well as his learning about his origins, which in fact was all connected when he discovered that Piety Breakspear was the murderer and that Chancellor Absalom Breakspear was Philo's father. As part-human and part-fae, Philo couldn't face the world with his mixed heritage, so we hid it from everyone.
But when Jonah Breakspear became Chancellor and declared war on all mythical creatures, the citizens of Carnival Row would be confined to a concentration camp inside the Burgue. Noticing Vignette on the other end of the barricade, Philo announced "I am critch," and later joined Vignette as well as the rest of Carnival Row's fae.
From this, we assume that season 2 will resume the ongoing quarrel between the fae and the powerful new collaboration of Sophie Longerbane and Jonah Breakspear. In the meantime, Agreus Astrayon and Imogen Spurnrose are on the run after a violent falling out with Ezra, the brother of Imogen, and are finding a way to deal with this encounter as well as the war at hand. It will be quite a spectacle to see how the characters of Philo and Vignette will tackle the situation at hand and how it pertains to the show's themes of crime and mystery.

Any Trailer for Season 2?

For the moment, since production has barely gotten started, there hasn't been a single teaser, or progress report on the show behind the scenes from either the actors or other staff members involved. But we'll be sure to keep you posted once we get something.

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