'Cannon Busters Season 2': Everything We Know So Far

The 2019 Anime series was a hit, fans have been wondering if it's going to return, here's everything we know...

Cannon Busters

Cannon Busters, is a Netflix anime series animated by a Japanese studio and adapted from a comic book just like a manga. The show is not like a traditional anime as it's an American animated series but it does maintain the essence of an anime. The 2019 Netflix production follows the adventures of S.A.M., a friendship robot, who is looking for her lost friend. The robot is accompanied by a fugitive and a pink Cadillac on its journey. The series is co-animated by Statelight and Yumeta Company and here's everything we know of its renewal...

Renewal Status...


Cannon Busters Season 2 may take longer to return. The animation style is a mix of Japanese and African American animation making it a tad bit more time-consuming than other animes. The feedback on the show has been largely positive but there's a possibility that the streamer will not be able to begin production this year. In other words, there has been no news of its renewal yet but given the hype surrounding the show, we have our fingers crossed.

What's The Plot of Cannon Busters Season 1?

Cannon Busters is set in the mythical land of Gearbolt and follows the adventures of a gang of travelers who are on a quest to save their friend. In the middle of it all is S.A.M a high-end, royal class friendship droid who wants to save her best buddy Kelby. S.A.M. is accompanied by Caset, an outdated maintenance robot, and Philly the kid who is kind of arrogant and is a fugitive. 

What Can We Expect from Cannon Busters Season 2?


We know that Kelby was kidnapped at the end of season 1. S.A.M. and the gang failed to save him and now that Kelby is on his journey to the Mystic Emporer, S.A.M. and her mission are to reconnect with him and in the process confront dangerous foes. We also saw how S.A.M. found out that she is a Cannon Buster, so we can expect to see her in this mode as she confronts the enemies. Philly on the other hand is infuriated by the fact that Bessie was killed in the battle against the Mystic Emporer's goons. We also know that the trek will take a long time if do have a car to cross the Gearbolt. It's probable that Bessie will be reassembled or that they will buy a new car. The Mystic Emporer on the other hand will have to be dealt with and might be the core of the climax. 

Is there a Trailer and Poster for Cannon Busters Season 2?

No, there has been no announcement so far, but you can check out the trailer and poster for season 1 below...


Check out the Poster below...