'Candyman': Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailers And More

'Candyman': Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailers And More

Jordan Peele and Nia DaCosta's 'Candyman' is now set to haunt us this August. Find all the latest updates here.

The 'Candyman' is coming back with a terrifying sequel that will bring back all the memories that haunted us for decades.

The new 'Candyman' film will serve as a direct sequel to the 1992 film of the same name.

It is directed by Nia DaCosta. Jordan Peele, who directed the high-acclaimed horror flicks 'Get Out' and 'Us', is also on board as co-producer and co-screenplay writer. 'Candyman' is more than just a regular horror film. DaCosta and Peele remained true to their vision of using horror films to tell stories of social relevance.

Here is everything we know about the upcoming sequel, including plot, cast, release date, trailers, and more.


When Will 'Candyman' Release?

After getting delayed several times, 'Candyman' will finally arrive in theaters on August 27, 2021. Most films released this year have opted to take advantage of the streaming services because of the ongoing impact of the pandemic. However, Universal Pictures seems to take a different path and chooses to release the horror flick solely in theaters. At least, for now.

'Candyman' was originally supposed to release on June 12, 2020, but it has been pushed several times due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 


What Is The Plot Of 'Candyman'?

The 2021 film takes place a few decades from the events of the original film. It follows Anthony McCoy, a visual artist living in the now gentrified Cabrini residences. Anthony and his girlfriend moved into a luxurious loft condo in the modern Cabrini. Anthony is anxious to rejuvenate his art career that is now on the brink of stalling. While looking for inspiration for his art, Anthony came across an old Cabrini resident who lived in the Cabrini Green projects before it was torn down and modernized beyond recognition.

The old-timer tells him of the tragically horrific nature of the true story behind the Candyman, a supernatural killer with a hook for a hand who can be summoned by repeating his name five times in front of the mirror.

"Anthony begins to explore these macabre details in his studio as fresh grist for paintings, unknowingly opening a door to a complex past that unravels his own sanity and unleashes a terrifyingly viral wave of violence that puts him on a collision course with destiny," the synopsis teased.

'Candyman' is much more than a simple horror movie. Nia DaCosta and Jordan Peele are intent on using horror as a tool to tell socially relevant stories. 

"We create monsters of men all the time," DaCosta said in a statement via Indiewire. "People are murdered and they become either saints or they are vilified. So, throughout the last year and a half, it was always coming back to that truth. Horror is a really effective tool when it comes to telling stories about things that impact us on a social level. The very function of it is to make you uncomfortable and I think if that discomfort is attached to explorations of race or gender you have to then reconcile your feelings about race and gender."


How Is The New 'Candyman' Related To The Original Film?

When Anthony McCoy was an infant, he and his mother Anne-Marie McCoy lived in the defunct Cabrini Green Housing Projects.

The Candyman kidnapped and almost killed the young Anthony, but he was saved by Helen Lyle, the protagonist of the first movie.

Furthermore, both Candyman and Anthony are blessed with the gift of creativity. In the original film, it was explained that Candyman was born Daniel Robitaille, a son of a slave. Daniel's father amassed wealth by mass-producing and selling shoes, allowing him to get his son educated. The Candyman became a well-known artist in the 1800s. He gets commissioned by wealthy white landowners and their families to paint their portraits. He fell in love with a white woman and fathered a child out of wedlock. Furious, the father of the white woman sent a mob to attack Daniel. The mob saw his hand off, covered his body with honey which attracted the bees to his flesh. Then, he was burned in a pyre and his ashes were scattered across the land on which Cabrini-Green was built.

After almost three decades, Anthony crosses paths with his destiny and comes face to face again with the supernatural kidnapper who almost killed him when he was a child. Will he survive the haunting the second time around? And will he be able to stop the new wave of killings he unwittingly started?


Who Is Cast In 'Candyman'?

Fans of the horror franchise will be happy to know that a few of the key cast will be reprising their roles.

Tony Todd will return as Daniel Robitaille / Candyman, the feared supernatural killer that haunts the residence of Cabrini housing.

Vanessa Estelle Williams, who plays Anne-Marie McCoy in both movies, will also reprise her role as Anthony's mother.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II plays the grown-up Anthony McCoy, who will unwittingly bring back the Candyman. 


The rest of the impressive cast list includes:

Teyonah Parris as Brianna Cartwright

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Troy Cartwright

Colman Domingo as William Burke

Rebecca Spence as Finley Stephens

Cassie Kramer as Helen Lyle / Caroline Sullivan

Kyle Kaminsky as Grady Smith

Christiana Clark as Danielle Harrington

Brian King as Clive Privler

Torrey Hanson as Jack Hyde

Carl Clemons-Hopkins as Jameson

Cedric Mays as Gil Cartwright

Nancy Pender as TV News Anchor

Pam Jones as Devlin Sharpe

Breanna Lind as Annika

The screenplay is written by Jordan Peele, Win Rosenfeld, and Nia DaCosta.

Rosenfeld and Peele also serves as producers along with Ian Cooper.

Is There An Official Trailer For The 'Candyman'? 

Universal Pictures has already released two trailers for the 'Candyman'. Check them all out below. 



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