Cameron Diaz Explains Why She Is Not Acting Anymore

Cameron Diaz Explains Why She Is Not Acting Anymore

Cameron Diaz has not been seen on the big screen lately and in her latest interview she explains the reason behind it.

Even a few years back, Cameron Diaz was a regular on the screen, but recently, she is nowhere to be seen. She was first introduced in Hollywood through her 1994 appearance in 'The Mask' and since then, Diaz has appeared in numerous movies. From There’s Something About Mary to Being John Malkovich, Charlie’s Angels to the Shrek films, Diaz has been a consistent presence in Hollywood. But, since 2014's appearance in the film adaptation of Annie, the 47-year-old actor has been largely absent from public life. 


In the latest interview with InStyle, Diaz has explained why she’s taken the past five years to focus on other things aside from acting and what she is up to. She said, "I started [experiencing fame] when I was 22, so 25 years ago — that’s a long time. The way I look at it is that I’ve given more than half of my life to the public. I feel it’s OK for me to take time for myself now to reorganize and choose how I want to come [back] into the world. If I decide to."


She added, "At this point, I’ve done so much, I feel fulfilled with the adventures I’ve sought out in my life. I’m in a great place, and the world is so different now too. The mid-1990s are an era that will never exist again. I’m just so grateful that I got to witness and partake in it."


When asked what she has been up to, the actress said, "It’s fun to just not have anybody know what I’m up to. Because my time is all mine. I’m not selling any films, and because I’m not selling anything, I don’t have to give anybody anything. I’m not doing this anymore. I’m living my life."


The actor also said that if she decides to make a comeback, it is not going to be as an actor. She added, "I don’t miss performing. Right now I’m looking at the landscape of wellness and all that. But whatever I do, it has to be something I’m passionate about — something that just feels effortless." 

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