'By The Grace Of The Gods' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'By The Grace Of The Gods' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Ryoma and his slime friends will return for season 2.

'By The Grace Of The Gods' (Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko) is an isekai anime. It is based on the Japanese light novel series written by Roy and illustrated by Ririnra.

The anime tells the story of a man who dies alone. Three gods chose to reincarnate him into a world of fantasy. With his past knowledge intact, and his new god-given powers, the man tries to live a fruitful life while keeping different slimes as pets.

The anime currently has a 6.95 rating on MyAnimeList. Although the rating is low compared to other animes, it is still normal since most anime fans have grown tired of isekai genre in general. Will the anime return for more?

Here is what we know.

'By The Grace Of The Gods' Season 2

When Will 'By The Grace Of The Gods' Season 2 Release?

'By The Grace Of The Gods' season 1 released its 12th and final episode on Dec 20, 2020. We've waited for months without hearing any confirmation about its renewal.
In June 2021, the official website of the anime gave us some great news. The website announced that the second season of 'By The Grace Of The Gods' is in the works. However, we still do not have a release date for the new season as of this writing. The first season of the anime premiered in October 2020. Hence, we expect the new season to premiere sometime in 2022, during the fall anime season, too.

For international fans, Funimation announced that they would be streaming the new season of 'By The Grace Of The Gods' simultaneously as it broadcasts in Japan. Funimation also streamed the first season of the anime. The streaming platform might also handle the English dub for season 2.


What Is The Plot Of 'By The Grace Of The Gods' Season 2?

Season 1 ended with Ryoma leaving the Jamil family after thwarting a possible disaster from the deadly limur birds that attacked the village. He sets out to build a new home for himself. Season 2 of 'By The Grace Of The Gods' will likely follow Ryoma's new adventure with his slime pets. In the light novel series, Ryoma builds a second business after departing the Jamily Family. He also embarks on his first solo adventure and even gets to witness a wedding that is so grand, some of the gods of his world were present. The second season will likely cover these significant events from the novel.

'By The Grace Of The Gods' Season 2

Who Is Cast In 'By The Grace Of The Gods' Season 2?

The official casting for season 2 is not announced yet. However, we expect Azusa Tadokoro to continue lending her voice to the anime's lead character, Ryouma Takebayashi. Ryouma might reunite with Eliaria Jamil and the rest of the Jamil family in season 2, too. Hence, we are expecting some of their respective voice actors to reprise their roles for the new season. We might also see new faces.

Here are the season 1 characters in the meantime.

Yūki Kuwahara as Eliaria Daisuke
Ono as Reinhart Marika
Kōno as Miya Motomu
Kiyokawa as Gain Kikuko
Inoue as Lulutia Kikuko
Inoue as Lulutia Hiroki
Yasumoto as Ryoma Takebayashi
Makoto Furukawa as Tabuchi

'By The Grace Of The Gods' Season 2

Is There An Official Trailer For 'By The Grace Of The Gods' Season 2?

There is no official trailer yet for 'By The Grace Of The Gods' Season 2. The official trailer will likely release this year, 2022. We will immediately update this space once the trailer is available.

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