Bumblebee 2: Everything We Know So Far

Bumblebee 2: Everything We Know So Far

The Transformers spin-off Bumblebee is coming with a sequel soon. What will the story be about? Know all about it here.

Bumblebee, a Transformer spin-off, left everyone’s jaws glued to the floor when it bagged more than $400 million all across the world. Even though it didn’t come near to other Transformer movies with its box-office numbers; it still became Transformer’s best-reviewed title.

With those numbers, Paramount couldn’t help but develop a sequel to everyone’s beloved Bumblebee.

Bumblebee was filmed between the months of July and November in 2017 and released on 21st December 2018. Therefore, we can say that the sequel won't be released this year. Moreover, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, with most entertainment houses, studios, and cinemas shut down, it is safe to say that the sequel won't be coming out this year anyway. 

Paramount had released a slot for Untitled Paramount/Hasbro Event Film in October 2021, which we believe can be used for releasing Bumblebee 2, that is, if the movie starts filming this year (which is highly unlikely).

Bumblebee As A Benchmark For Other Spin-Offs


Now, the interesting thing about the success of Bumblebee is that it has given the Transformers franchise an encouragement for creating more spin-offs, instead of other Transformer movies. Moreover, the success of Bumblebee has become a benchmark for other spin-offs in the future.

Bumblebee fans are anticipating the return of John Cena and Hailee Steinfeld as Jack Burns and Charlie Watson, respectively. Cena, in an interview with Cinema Blend, said that he ‘hopes so’ for a comeback.

On the other hand, Hailee Steinfeld also believes that her character Charlie is capable of learning and growing so much. In the bumblebee movie, we see Charlie overcome so many things, and yet there is so much that she has to learn and grow into the person she is capable of becoming, explained Steinfeld.
We can also hope for Jorge Lendeborg Jr, Charlie’s neighbor Memo, Pamela Adlon, who plays the role of Sally Watson, Charlie's mother, and Stephen Schneider, reprising his role as Ron, Charlie's stepfather.

If you’re a Dylan O'Brien fan and are anticipating him voicing over Bumblebee in the sequel too, things are not looking so hopeful for you. Even though Dylan had voiced over Bumblebee in the original movie, if the spin-off wants to steer clear of Transformers altogether, there isn’t a chance for Dylan to be voicing over in the sequel too, as Bumblebee talks through a radio.

Will All The Transformers Leave Earth Soon?


The adventures of Bumblebee, with Charlie and Bumblebee going their separate ways (leaving us with broken hearts), doesn’t opt for a sequel with the same characters right away.


However, there is some possibility for a reboot, like we saw in Transformers with Optimus Prime coming to Earth as a reunion with other Autobots.
Perhaps the sequel will show a refreshed timeline or will venture off from when Bumblebee sends a beacon for all the Autobots to come to Earth and settle. In the case of the latter, maybe we’ll see the Autobots leaving Earth again.

Even though there is no guarantee for Bumblebee's director, Travis Knight, coming back for a sequel, he did mention a few bits for the storyline of a sequel. In an interview with Digital Spy, he said that they might take moments from the original movie and take it from there into a new storyline, like taking a Gen One Optimus Prime or a Gen One Jazz and tell a story from there.

Fans would have to wait for quite a while to see what Bumblebee 2 entails and when it comes out because of the Coronavirus pandemic's delays. However, we do believe that Bumblebee 2 will steal hearts just like its predecessor.


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