'Bullet Train 2': Everything We Know So Far

'Bullet Train 2': Everything We Know So Far

The Brad Pitt-starrer has high potential to become a movie franchise, given its fun, action-packed plot.

Brad Pitt is no stranger to action films and his latest release, Bullet Train is definitely one of a kind. The humor and character quirks set it apart from most action films we see. With the film’s popularity soaring, many fans are wondering if there could be a possible sequel for the movie, ScreenRant reported.

The story follows Ladybug, an assassin of sorts, who seems to have a lot of bad luck. He takes up a job on a Japanese bullet train, assuming it will be easy enough. However, things don’t go according to plan because everyone present on the train was somehow planning to be in this place, with sinister intentions of their own. The film shows Pitt’s character fighting his way out of this impossible coincidence.


Will There Be A Bullet Train 2

While the studio hasn’t made an announcement, it is entirely possible a sequel could happen if the film resonates with audiences and performs well at the box office. David Leitch directed the first film and he might probably helm the project if there were a sequel happening.


What Is The Plot Of Bullet Train 2?

Taking inspiration from the first film, the creators can set up another place where strangers get together in an impossible coincidence while Ladybug uses his brain and kicks his way out of a precarious situation.

Additionally, we may also see other characters like Sandra Bullock’s Maria as well as Brian Tyree Henry’s Lemon become Ladybug’s partner as the two of them navigate their ridiculous jobs.


Who Is Cast In Bullet Train 2?

Given the amount of violence in the film, there were quite a few characters dying gruesome deaths. But we can expect Pitt’s Ladybug to come back, Bullock’s Maria to stir up some things, and Tyree Henry’s Lemon to join them in the fun. If Ryan Reynolds decides to make a comeback after his cameo in the first part, it would be pretty cool to see him in some kind of a villain role.

The first installment starred Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joey King, Andrew Koji, Michael Shannon, Zazie Beetz, Bad Bunny, and Hiroyuki Sanada. The comedy action film was fully supported by a stellar cast and if they replicate their success, the sequel could do really well, paving the way for further movies.


When Will Bullet Train 2 Release? 

If David Leitch is coming back to direct the sequel, we can only expect the film to come out post-2024, because Leitch currently has his hands full directing a TV show starring Ryan Gosling


Bullet Train is currently showing in theatres.

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