'Marvel's Avengers' Game Adds The Notorious Anti-Hero Bucky Barnes

This comes after the news that Mighty Thor joined the game and She-Hulk is scheduled to join soon.

Cover Image Source: Marvel.com

Whether or not you like the heroes, anti-heroes have always been a relatable link for most fans of the Marvel Universe. So, even just a hint that the Winter Soldier—James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes—is making an appearance in the game had fans excited. ComicBook.com reassures that the character is coming to our gaming screens soon. 


In the comic and movie universe, Bucky Barnes stirs up some serious debates about his larger morality. Even though he was corrupted by HYDRA and went through some hardcore brainwashing, there is lore to confirm that the experience changed the war hero completely. Apart from all the moral questions surrounding him, it is uncontested that he packs a real punch with Captain America and remains one of the most iconic villains. He's also one of the most ruthless fighters in the Marvel universe, specializing in all forms of combat and assassinating important figures within the fictional world.


While the news hasn’t been officially confirmed by Marvel, it is rumored that the character will be making an appearance soon, according to @mmmmmmmmiller on Twitter, who is a known insider and reputable source for the game. No other details were given on the character, but it's expected that Bucky Barnes will be the next hero added to the game, despite rumors suggesting She-Hulk would be next. Like a Tom-Holland-kept spoiler, a guest host on a developer livestream mistakenly mentioned the character would be coming to the game in the near future. Many assume that she will be making an appearance closer to the release of the Disney+ show She-Hulk which would be in August. Therefore, estimates put her appearance around the same month or by September latest. However, since there aren’t any Bucky-related projects coming out in the MCU soon (that we know of), it can be assumed that if Bucky comes to the game it won’t be a cinematic tie-in.


Jane Foster as Mighty Thor joined the game a few days ago. Marvel’s description of her capabilities within the story read, “The Mighty Thor brings a fresh way to experience the Mjolnir-wielding Goddess of Thunder either solo or with friends. Her unique movement and combat abilities are sure to be a great addition to any Strike Team taking on missions in the Avengers Initiative.” 


Additionally, they mention a short description of how the character comes to be in the gaming universe, “In Marvel’s Avengers, Jane Foster is the Mighty Thor: wielder of the legendary Mjolnir, guided by her strong conscience, determination, and skill as a doctor. In addition to managing her own cancer diagnosis, Jane resolved to fight for Inhumans after the A-Day accident, and Mjolnir called out to her. To her surprise, she lifted it with ease and was transformed into the Mighty Thor! While wielding her power, her cancer was held at bay, and she joined the Avengers when they reassembled to fight AIM. Thanks to the Tachyon Storms unleashed by AIM and the Scientist Supreme, Jane soon finds herself in a new, unfamiliar universe. She must now work with the Jane Foster who already exists there, in addition to the Avengers, to investigate the nature of the rifts.” The news for this character came days before Thor: Love and Thunder was released in theatres.