Bryan Cranston Announces Malcolm In The Middle Reunion Happening This Week

Bryan Cranston Announces Malcolm In The Middle Reunion Happening This Week

The beloved dysfunctional family is reuniting 14 years after the sitcom last aired.

Bryan Cranston has confirmed that Malcolm in the Middle reunion will be happening this week!

Cranston, who plays Hal in the popular sitcom, took to Instagram to announce the great news.

The cast of Malcolm in the Middle will be gathering via Zoom this Saturday, August 8, to celebrate the show’s 20th birthday.

Virtual cast reunions have been popular lately with The Goonies and The Lord Of The Rings taking the lead a couple of months back.

The whole cast will be reading a script from the first-ever episode, which aired on January 9, 2000.

The proceeds of the event will go to Healing California, an organization that provides FREE dental, medical, and vision care for those in need.

Cranston also promised 'a lot of great stuff' from the show that fans could get.

Check out Cranston's full post:


Malcolm in the Middle was a popular sitcom created by Linwood Boomer. It follows the story of Malcolm (Frankie Muniz), a genius boy with an IQ of 165.

The sitcom navigates through Malcolm's life and his dysfunctional working-class family.

Cranston plays Malcolm's loving, but inept and completely immature father, Hal. Starring alongside Cranston as his loving wife, Lois is Jane Kaczmarek.

Christopher Masterson plays Malcolm's eldest brother Francis, Justin Berfield is Malcolm's dimwitted older brother, Reese, while Erik Per Sullivan plays younger brother Dewey.

Malcolm in the Middle

The show first aired on January 9, 2000, and ended its six-year run on May 14, 2006.

More than a decade after, the sitcom still remained in the hearts of those who watched it in the early 2000s.

Cranston's announcement was met with enthusiasm by nostalgic fans who can't wait for the reunion.

Replying to Cranston's post, a fan said: "Hell, yes. Best dysfunctional family ever.👏🏼"

While another one commented: "The greatest television series to grace our planet earth. We could’ve been born in any point in human history where this masterpiece didn’t exist, but no, we live in an era where we were able to witness this blessing. Thank you & the rest of the cast/crew for this. I am grateful to have grown up with such an amazing show!"

Bryan Cranston in Malcolm in The Middle and Breaking Bad

Aside from his adorable role as Hal in the sitcom, Cranston is also known for playing Walter White in Breaking Bad.

His role in the highly acclaimed drama series was very far from his character in the sitcom, and because of this, executives almost refused to cast him.

"We all still had the image of Bryan shaving his body in Malcolm in the Middle. We were like, really? Isn’t there anybody else?" a former executive said via Hollywood Reporter.

However, casting Cranston for Walter White proved to be the best decision.

According to Cranston, Vince Gilligan’s drama was the kind of change he just wanted.

"I wanted a change of pace, and whether that meant a comedy or drama, it was going to be different because I didn’t need the money anymore… I didn’t want a ‘job.’ I didn’t need to work ever again," Cranston said.

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