British GQ Slammed For Incorrectly Stating That 'Stranger Things' Was Edited Retroactively

British GQ Slammed For Incorrectly Stating That 'Stranger Things' Was Edited Retroactively

In an ironic turn of events, British GQ had to retroactively edit their article after the Duffer Brothers called out the publication for insinuating that they retroactively edited episodes from the show.

Netflix’s Stranger Things is one of the most watched shows on the planet. And recently, with a British GQ article talking about retroactively editing television shows (specifically an episode of Stranger Things), fans proved how much they loved the show. 


In fact, the writers of Stranger Things had to step in to assure audiences that they hadn’t retroactively edited any episodes of the show. Even in the interview with Variety, it is almost mentioned as a joke because the creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, forgot about Will’s birthday. However, the GQ article used this piece of information (dubbed George Lucas-ing) and a Tiktok video that talked about how a shot of Jonathan photographing Nancy from the bushes outside Steve's house had been removed (which turned out to be false) as a base to talk about retroactively editing television shows. 


Fans are not letting this go easy. Attacking the headline, they question why it’s a “dangerous TV trend,” and considering the facts in the article weren’t accurate, does it even make sense to call it ‘dangerous.’ A user on Twitter named Alex commented, “The foundation of their argument was the removal of a plot-important scene in season 1, but they were wrong about that. With the correction in place, it can't be framed as a ‘dangerous trend.’” Others are angry that the article used a false Tiktok rumor to make their point. Another user, Daniel wrote, “Yea the factual error is they wrote an article based of a TikTok rumour and didn’t fact check.” 


The writers of Stranger Things also stepped in to say that they haven’t edited anything in any of the seasons and even called out the article in all its irony for retroactively editing itself. They wrote, “It's hilarious that an article bashing the show for retroactively editing a scene (based off a false TikTok rumor) has now had to retroactively edit their own article. Oops 😂” A user named Bad John Brown summed it up, saying, “So the article about editing after the fact had to be edited after the fact. Got it.” 


After being called out on the inaccuracy of their claims, British GQ added a correction at the end of their article. “Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that a season one episode of Stranger Things had been edited retroactively to remove a shot of Jonathan photographing Nancy while she was changing. (And yes, we are aware of the irony),” the correction read. While other people may not agree, this is probably one of the gracious ways in which the publication could have handled the situation. 

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