'Breaking Bad' Is Probably Leaving Netflix And It Is Far Enough For People To Binge It

'Breaking Bad' Is Probably Leaving Netflix And It Is Far Enough For People To Binge It

This news comes after Netflix's stock market value has been tanking and AMC expressed its interest in making yet another spin-off.

Sharpen your meth-making skills guys, because Breaking Bad is probably leaving Netflix, UNILAD reported. This news is extremely surprising since Breaking Bad has been one of the most highly rated shows in the past 20 years. Even though it had concluded in 2013, people still tune in to rewatch or there are many new fans who are just getting introduced to the world of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman


The Bryan Cranston starrer is not the only show leaving Netflix. Shows like New Girl, How to Get Away With Murder, NCIS, and Community could all be leaving the streaming platform, HypeBeast reported. The Wrap conducted an investigation with What’s On Netflix and found that many of these shows have their licenses expiring in 2024. For Breaking Bad specifically, the license expires on February 11, 2025.


There is a very real possibility that Netflix may not renew its agreement with Sony Television for the AMC title even though the streaming platform is an exclusive partner for the sequel film El Camino. Currently, the prequel to Breaking Bad called Better Call Saul is also streaming on Netflix. The news of Breaking Bad leaving may also endanger the chances of the prequel series. Better Call Saul, which is currently in its sixth and final season, is set to premiere its series finale on August 15. Cranston and Aaron Paul, who played the lead roles of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, are set to reprise their roles in the final season.


And after Better Call Saul, AMC is interested in planning another spin-off exploring and introducing new characters in the universe. President of AMC Studios, Dan McDermott mentioned that if Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are up for it, they would definitely introduce another spin-off, according to Variety. “I can tell you that if I could do anything to encourage Vince and Peter to continue on in this universe, I would do it,” McDermott says. “I think you’d have to ask them, but the door is always open and I long for the day my phone rings and Vince, Peter or our friends at Sony call to say, ‘Hey, I think we have another show set in this universe.'”


However, this doesn’t help the streaming platform because Netflix has been bleeding out content like an open wound. It has cut down its 11,000 titles to 6,000. This comes after the streaming platform has been losing large swathes of subscribers, owing to the new no-password-sharing policy. Netflix hopes to patch this hole by introducing new measures like adding an “extra home” fee for sharing accounts between households and launching a cheaper, ad-supported tier. However, if there isn’t enough incentive (enough shows to watch) to come back, there may be no subscribers to salvage. 

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