‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ Ending Explained: Nothing Is What It Seems

The A24 horror-comedy has a lot to say about how logged on we are today.

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Still thinking about who is the killer in Bodies, Bodies, Bodies ending? 

This article might answer all your questions. ( Caution: Spoilers for Boodies, Bodies, Bodies )

During a massive hurricane, a once-tight-knit group of hyper-privileged besties and their partners retreat to their friend David’s (Pete Davidson) mansion to weather the storm. There, they play Bodies, Bodies, Bodies (a.k.a. Mafia), and one by one begin to drop like flies—winding up dead on patios, in basketball courts, and at the bottom of staircases. As the bodies pile up and old grievances are unleashed, one question remains until the very end—who’s the killer?



Mashable was in talks with the director of the movie, Halina Reijn, where she dropped her take on the movie and explained the ending.

Who is the Killer? Greg? Alice? Sophie? Let's find out.

During Halina's talk, she went into the depths and spilled the tea slowly. Bodies, Bodies, Bodies couldn't have ended any other way. The house party turned into a dark incident or rather incidents were all played around smoothly until Reijn cleared it all.


Turns out there never was a murderer in the first place. David's death was just an accident. After seeing Greg oh-so-coolly cut open a bottle of champagne with a sword, David just had to try it out himself. Unfortunately, the sword failed to slice off the champagne bottle's neck, slicing deeply into David's neck instead. All the deaths that came after David's — Greg's, Emma's (Chase Sui Wonders), Alice's, and Jordan's (Myha'la Herrold) — were paranoid fallout from one ridiculously stupid mishap.


"For me, the key into the whole film was coming up with 'There's no killer,'" Bodies Bodies Bodies director Halina Reijn told Mashable in a phone interview. "That makes it into something interesting to me, because then it is all so real. There's no ghosts. There's no evil Gargamel character. It's about actual group pressure, and it could happen to all of us."


An accomplished actor and director in her native Netherlands, Reijn makes her English-language directorial debut with Bodies, Bodies, Bodies. Despite knowing precisely how she wanted the film to end, Reijn still had her doubts about the final twist when the film premiered at South by Southwest in March. “I was literally dying, sick to my stomach like, ‘Is this going to work?,’” she says with an air of relief. “Now that it seems to work, I’m super grateful.”



While it would be downright terrifying if a party with people who are supposedly your best friends turned into a slasher flick, in Bodies Bodies Bodies, the horror isn't a vengeful or heartless killer. Everybody may become a psychopath of sorts when they feel physically threatened or legitimately toxic name-calling and backstabbing ensues, but Bodies Bodies Bodies and its devilish twist is about the humor and horror in the devoid way we can use social media today more than anything else.