Blue Eye Samurai Ending Explained

"Blue Eye Samurai" ends ambiguously as Mizu spares Abijah Fowler but continues her quest for revenge. Taigen and Akemi's romance takes a surprising turn.

Blue Eye Samurai

'Blue Eye Samurai,' the new Netflix animated series, takes viewers on a gripping journey through Japan's Edo period, a time of isolation and hidden secrets. The show's central character, Mizu, a female samurai with piercing blue eyes, embarks on a quest for revenge against four white men who have caused her immense suffering. In this article, we explore the show's conclusion and whether Mizu fulfills her mission.

Mizu's Fierce Training and Unexpected Allies

Mizu's journey begins with her determination to avenge her mother's death and confront her unknown father, one of the four white men in Japan. The show introduces us to compelling characters like Ringo, Taigen, and Akemi, each with their own ambitions and complex storylines.

Mizu, who was raised by the blind swordmaker Master Eiji, possesses remarkable fighting skills despite never having formal training. Her path to revenge is complicated by her encounters with Taigen and Akemi. Taigen, engaged to Akemi, loses honor in a duel with Mizu, leading to the dissolution of their engagement. Akemi, unwilling to be married off to an older man, runs away from the palace. Ringo becomes Mizu's apprentice, and together, they seek the location of Abijah Fowler, one of the four white men.

Mizu's relentless pursuit of revenge brings her to Abijah Fowler's stronghold. Despite facing multiple deadly defense systems, she ultimately loses to Fowler in a bruised and broken state. Her failure forces her to regroup and reconsider her path.

The Ambiguous Ending: Does Mizu Get Her Revenge?

Mizu's unrelenting quest for revenge leads to a brutal battle with Abijah Fowler. After a fierce fight, Mizu has the upper hand, but Fowler proposes a deal – he'll reveal the locations of the other two potential fathers in exchange for his life. Mizu decides to spare him, extending his life until he provides the information she seeks. Thus, the series concludes with Mizu still on her journey, with the identities of her father and the other two potential candidates shrouded in mystery.

Who Is Mizu's Father?

Throughout the series, Mizu's father's identity remains a mystery. Mizu's sole focus is on avenging her mother and confronting her father, and she only considers the other potential candidates when Fowler reveals their locations. As far as Mizu is concerned, any one of the four white men could be her father, and her obsession with revenge eclipses her desire to uncover his identity. The truth about Mizu's parentage remains a secret, with the possibility of unexpected revelations in future seasons.

Taigen and Akemi's Fate

Taigen and Akemi's romantic relationship takes a central role in the series. Initially engaged and manipulated by Akemi's father, their relationship undergoes significant changes. Akemi's realization that she can wield power as a princess and wife to the spare prince, Takayoshi, leads to her decision to marry him. Her choice to prioritize her ambition over her feelings for Taigen results in them not ending up together. This twist in their relationship reflects the complexities of the characters and the evolving narrative of 'Blue Eye Samurai.'