'Blood & Water' Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

'Blood & Water' Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Fans of the South African teen crime drama series are already looking forward to it.

Blood & Water Season 3

The South African teen crime drama series Blood & Water has been reeling fans in with its mysterious, deception-riddled plot and incredible cinematography. The story follows a high school girl who transfers to an elite private school when she has suspicions that her long-lost sister attends there. Season Two of the show premiered at the end of September 2021 and left behind quite a few cliffhangers. Since there are several unanswered questions, there is a lot of potential to continue these plotlines in the third season. 

Will There Be Blood & Water Season 3?

Good news! Netflix has officially renewed Blood & Water for another season. And to make things even better, production has already wrapped. On April 6th, Netflix's South African Instagram page shared that "Mzansi's coolest kids are back!," adding, "#BloodAndWater season 3 is currently in production." The announcement also included a first-look photo of some of the show's main cast. Check it out below.


When Will Blood & Water Season 3 Be Released?

Blood & Water Season 3 is set to be released on November 25th, 2022. Netflix made the date announcement for the new season in the form of a teaser video. Check it out below.


What Is The Plot Of Blood & Water Season 3?

There could be more tension between Fikile and Puleng, and their respective romantic relationships. With new faces come new scandals. With the introduction of Sam (Leroy Siyafa), Pauline (Katishcka Kiara), and Zayd (Alzavia Abrahams), there's sure to be more drama. The show has a great modern take on how it incorporates societal and cultural nuances into the series. It also highlights the way tech and social media have affected human connections. Perhaps the next season will follow on the lines of these themes along with nail-biting mysteries, romances, and shocking twists and turns.


Who Is Cast In Blood & Water Season 3?

The following characters are likely to return: Ama Qamata (Puleng), Khosi Ngema (Fikile), Thabang Molaba (K.B.), Dillon Windvogel (Wade), Arno Greef (Chris), Ryle de Morny (Chad), Natasha Tahane (Wendy), Mekaila Mathys (Tahira), Cindy Mahlangu (Zama), and Duane Williams (Mark).

We think Greteli Fincham (Reece), Katishcka Chanderlal (Pauline), and Alzavia Abrahams (Zayd) will also return as they had more prominent roles in season 2. 

Source: IMDb

According to creator Nosipho Dumisa-Ngoasheng, even in a majority-Black country, her show is breaking barriers, reports The Washington Post. "We haven't seen ourselves depicted this way on-screen," she said. And that "we" reaches across the ocean. Describing the show as Veronica Mars meets Gossip Girl meets The O.C., the outlet notes that the show has a predominantly Black cast.

Young Black people are "looking to see themselves," said Valerie Adams-Bass, a developmental psychologist. "It's super important to see people your age who look like you. To see how they're managing these encounters, how they navigate the racial tensions, the class tensions that have to do with your identity."