'Blood Red Sky': Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And More

'Blood Red Sky': Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And More

A mysteriously ill mother is forced to unleash her dark secret to save her son from terrorist hijackers.

Netflix is giving us a lot of reasons to maintain our subscriptions. The giant streamer has prepared 70 new movies for us this year (that's one new flick a week), and among the most exciting is the English-German action suspense horror film 'Blood Red Sky.'

The film follows a mother who gets forced to unleash her secret to save her son during a hijacking incident.

The film is directed by Peter Thorwarth, who also co-wrote the script along with Stefan Holtz. It is produced by German production company Rat Pack Filmproduktion.

Here is everything we know about the film, including plot, cast, release date, trailers, and more. 

Blood Red Sky

When Will 'Blood Red Sky' Release?

The film is coming to Netflix on July 23rd, 2021. The film was previously known as 'Transatlantic 473' but was later renamed 'Blood Red Sky.' 

Blood Red Sky

What Is The Plot Of 'Blood Red Sky'?

A mother who has been trying to suppress her dark secret is forced into action after a terrorist group attempts to hijack a transatlantic overnight flight they are on. The mother is suffering from a mysterious disease that turns her into a monster. The hijackers made it clear that their demands are strictly monetary, but they don't mind shedding blood if their needs are not met.

Upon hearing the chilling message through PA, the woman realizes that the only way to save her son is to unleash the vampire she has been fighting so hard to hide from within. After leaving her son under the care of a fellow passenger, she undergoes a grisly vampire transformation. 

Blood Red Sky

Who Is Cast In 'Blood Red Sky'?

Peri Baumeister stars in the lead role. She plays the mother who gets forced to unleash the vampire within to save her son in the hijacking attempt. Baumeister is known for her roles in 'The Last Kingdom,' 'Skylines,' 'The Saboteurs', and more.

Dominic Purcell will also be playing a major role in the movie. Based on the teaser, he appears to be part of the terrorist group that hijacks the plane. The British-Australian actor is known for playing Wentworth Miller's brother in 'Prison Break.' He also appeared in CW's 'The Flash' and 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow.'  

To complete the cast list, we have Chidi Ajufo, Roland Møller, Alexander Scheer, and Graham McTavish. 

'Blood Red Sky' Short Film 

Back in 2015, Peter Thorwarth has released a short film titled Blood Red Sky. The short film was more of a promo reel and was probably created to attract investors to fund a full-length movie. The short film is still available publicly online through some youtube channels.

You can take a look at it below. 


Is There An Official Trailer For 'Blood Red Sky'?

Netflix already released the teaser for 'Blood Red Sky' during the GeekedWeek, a five-day virtual event (June7-11) that features exclusive news, trailer releases, live art, drop-ins from stars. Check it out below! Netflix will likely release a full trailer very soon. We will update this space once that trailer is already available. 


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