'Blood Red Sky': Explosive Ending Explained

'Blood Red Sky': Explosive Ending Explained

A mom is forced to unleash her vampiric nature to protect her son from hijackers. Did Nadja manage to save her son at the end of the film?

'Blood Red Sky' has everyone gripping the edge of their seats since it landed on Netflix. The vampire series follows a mother and a child as they take a flight to New York to find a cure for the mom's mysterious disease.

Things went awry after a group of hijackers seized the flight they are in, forcing the mother to unveil her true, vampiric nature. Soon, the bloodbath begins, and the protagonists must do their best to land the plane to safety and prevent unleashing an evil plague. The explosive ending might have left you with some questions. Let's get into the details and break down the events leading to Blood Red Sky's ending. Warning: Spoilers ahead. 

'Blood Red Sky'

'Blood Red Sky': Synopsis and Ending Explained

Transatlantic 473 gets hijacked on its way to New York. Colonel Alan Drummond oversees the rescue mission and watches as the airplane lands on a remote airstrip. A guy with a severed hand is in the cockpit, claiming that he is not a terrorist. Drummond puts his men on standby and prepares to strike at sundown-- a not so wise decision which you will later find out why.

A few hours before the landing, the young little boy named Elias (Carl Anton Koch) checks in the luggage at the airport counter. Farid (Kais Setti) was also checking in his luggage at the counter next to Elias. He sees that the little boy is struggling with the heavy bag and offers his help. Elias' mom, Nadja (Peri Baumeister), is suffering from a mysterious disease. After taking her medication, she goes after Elias and submits the additional luggage for checking.

She is carrying along some heavy medication but explains that she has a prescription for them. Elias and Farid share a few conversations while Nadja goes to the bathroom and gets some injections. Shortly after they got on board, a group of hijackers took control of the plane. The copilot, Bastian Buchner (Kai Ivo Baulitz), and flight attendant Eightball (Alexander Scheer) are on the highjacker's team, too.

Elias convinces his mother to hide in the cargo. He tries to run towards the hatch while the hijackers are distracted. Nadja runs after the boy but was shot by the psychopath Eightball. 

'Blood Red Sky'

Why Did The Hijackers Seize Transatlantic 473? 

The exact reason behind the hijacking is never revealed. The passengers had their theories, but none of it was verified. The entire plan is only known by the hijackers' leader, Berg (Dominic Purcell), who died early in the movie after getting bitten by Nadja. All we know is that they are planning to make the hijacking look like an Islamist terrorist attack similar to Al-Qaeda's attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. To make it believable, they take Farid, Mohammed, and another passenger to read an Arabic transcript claiming responsibility for the attack. The real hijackers are planning to parachute away as soon as the plane was on track to crash into London. Unfortunately for them, they didn't know that a vampire was also on board.

Blood Red Sky

How Did Nadja Become A Vampire? 

While Nadja was writhing in agony after getting shot, we see a glimpse of her past through flashbacks. She was bitten by a man in the woods and becomes a bloodthirsty vampire. She managed to suppress the transformation by injecting a leukemia medication called cytarabine to suppress the effects of drinking blood and still appear human.

Nadja wakes up and goes down into the cargo. She feeds on a dog's blood to regain her strength, and soon, the hellish bloodbath begins. Nadja managed to take down some of the hijackers, including their leader, Berg. Eightball finds out about Nadja's true identity and draws blood from her using a syringe. He then locks himself in a bulletproof car and injects Nadja's blood into his veins. Nadja tried to kill him before he could transform but failed. Eightball then started infecting the others in the cargo. Soon, he and his new undead buddies managed to get back to the passenger area. They immediately started viciously attacking everyone, causing panic.

All of the passengers got infected, except Elias and Farid. Nadja managed to save Farid from becoming a vampire by cutting his hand before the infection could spread through his bloodstream.

Farid took over the cockpit while Elias tried to save her mother, who is now being outpowered by the vampire Eightball.

Elias managed to save his mother by luring Eightball away and blowing the cargo door open. He even sliced his hand to give her his blood so she could recuperate. After she recovers, Elias longingly tries to hug his mother, but Nadja pushes him away for his safety. The young Elias can't do anything but cry. 

Blood Red Sky Ending: Is Frank Alive?

'Blood Red Sky' Ending: Is Farid Alive?

The next scene sees Elias at Colonel Alan Drummond's face. He insisted that Farid is not a terrorist and pleads desperately to take him out of the plane before sundown. The young boy tried to warn them about the vampires, but the army just concluded that he is still in shock. The army gets further convinced that Farid is a terrorist after they overheard Farid speaking to Elias on the shortwave radio about the explosives that the hijackers planted on the plane. Farid wants to use the explosives to kill all the vampires on the plane before they escape, but of course, the military would not believe supernatural stories.

Upon hearing about the explosives, Elias is sent away via an ambulance. The Colonel sends his men to break into the airplane. They were hoping to rescue any remaining passengers but were met with the sinister vampires instead. The colonel froze on his chair, unable to believe what he sees on the live screen feedback. Luckily, Farid was captured by the army and taken into a car before the vampires attacked. The car was already at a safe distance before Elias blew up the plane. Farid's name gets ultimately cleared, and he gets reunited with the young boy. 

Why Did Elias Blew Up The Plane? 

Why Did Elias Blow Up The Plane? 

Elias managed to escape from the ambulance and ran back to the plane. Before this particular moment, we saw how much Elias loved his mom. Unlike other children in horror movies, he is adorably intelligent, brave, and mature for his young age. Elias has always helped his mom in any way. He checks in their bag for them while she waits for the sun to set, he helps cover up her "disease" to strangers, and he bravely lured the vampire Eightball away to save his mother. But why did he finally decide to blow the whole plane away?

Elias was willing to sacrifice his mom for the greater good. He knows that his mother tried to do her best to stop the evil disease from spreading. When he saw his mom again, he understood that she has already fully transformed into a monster. No matter how painful it is, he blew up the plane using the remote hidden inside his teddy bear.

It was a sad goodbye, and Elias' young heart is broken. But the young boy displayed insurmountable courage and bravery in a situation that most of us can never handle. 

Blood Red Sky Ending: Is Nadja Dead? 

'Blood Red Sky' Ending: Is Nadja Dead? 

Well, you know the rules of horror movies. Unless you see someone die on screen, there is a high chance that he/she might still be alive. In the final moments of the film, we saw Nadja running towards Elias. The now fully transformed Nadja is already at least a few meters away from the plane. Sure, we saw her getting caught by the fire from the explosion, but it doesn't seem enough to destroy her undead body. We also didn't see any remains, so Nadja might still be around-- waiting to reemerge should there be a sequel. 

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