'Blood And Water' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Blood And Water' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Blood and Water Season 1 ended in a cliffhanger. Can we expect season 2 to answer the conundrums following Puleng's quest of finding her long lost sister?

This article was recently reviewed and is up to date as of July 15, 2021.

Netflix's second original South African series, 'Blood and Water', was a sure treat to the suspense-seeking drama binge-watchers.

The series follows a teenage girl, Puleng, who transfers to a new high school to investigate whether the swimming athlete was her sister who was abducted at birth.

While the show managed to answer the big question, the first season still ended with a cliffhanger. Does this mean season 2 is on the way? Let's dive deep.

Has 'Blood and Water' Been Confirmed For Season 2?


'Blood And Water' has officially been renewed for a second season. The news came less than a month after the release of the first season on May 20th, 2020. 

Netflix SA's Twitter account revealed the news with a heartwarming video of director Nosipho Dumisa sharing the renewal with the cast members in person and via FaceTime. 

"So today, I have very special news to tell the cast of the show. So special that I had to bring you guys along with me to do it," Dumisa says at the beginning of the video.

Things get quirky and emotional real quick when Dumisa tells the show's star Ama Qamata the news. 

"So, I actually got a call the other day from some certain people from Netflix, and they were like, 'by the way, we love the show so much we can't get enough. We're definitely renewing season two, and you guys need to get going,'" Dumisa tells Qamata.

Check out the full reveal in the video below.


We all know how Netflix values viewers' reception of its series, especially during the first 30 days since its premiere. Netflix loves to hear fans' feedback, especially on social media. Looking at social media discussions, it's worth noting that 'Blood and Water' is constantly gaining shout-outs from fans who can't wait for season 2.



This played a huge part in the show's renewal.

Dumisa commented on the renewal, saying: "Blood & Water's success is a testament to the hard work put in by the entire team towards expanding the African narrative in a new and exciting direction. It's a privilege and a blessing to return to our beloved characters as we delve further into the greater mystery and scandals of their world. Parkhurst is about to get really messy."

What Can We Expect To Happen in 'Blood and Water' Season 2?

Blood and Water

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Just like most of the existing series, 'Blood and Water' ended with a cliffhanger. Puleng has finally revealed to Fikile that she is her long-lost sister. The revelation is quite a pill to swallow, and we can expect to see how Fikile will react to this information. Will Fikile accept Puleng easily?

Aside from the sisterhood, we are also expecting to see the central characters come to terms with their complicated romantic affairs. Will Puleng finally open up her heart and choose between KB and Wade? Will Mark and Zama form a ménage à trois with Chris?

Wendy also dropped a huge bomb by the end of the first season, revealing a teacher-student affair to local media. That will surely be an exciting jump-off point for a richer and thicker plot for season 2.

According to the Netflix Media Center, "In the second season, we will see Puleng and Fikile deal with the consequences of their explosive confrontation as more mystery and drama unfolds."

Who Among The Cast Will Return In 'Blood And Water' Season 2?

Blood and Water

We can expect most of the central characters to return and resume the story.

These include Ama Qamata as Puleng Khumalo and her sister Khosi Ngema as Fikile Bhele. Other cast members we can expect to see are Gail Mabalane as Thandeka Khumalo, Thabang Molaba as Karabo Molapo / 'KB,' Arno Greef as Chris Ackerman, Dillon Windvogel as Wade Daniels, Cindy Mahlangu as Zama, and Natasha Thahane as Wendy Dlamini.

When Can We Expect To See 'Blood And Water' Season 2 On Netflix?

There is still no release date for 'Blood and Water' season 2, but filming has finally wrapped up. The cast and crew finished production on March 3, 2021, in Cape Town, South Africa. 

We'll keep you posted for updates.


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