‘Blindspot’ Season 5: Renewal Status And Release Date

‘Blindspot’ Season 5: Renewal Status And Release Date

The show getting a renewal came as a good news for the fans, as no one expected to see more of 'Blindspot' after its viewership went extremely low for the fourth season.

Now, all we have to do is wait patiently, as NBC has given greenlit to 'Blindspot' which is now getting a fifth season, and the day just cannot get any better. Even though fans are a little sad about the fact that the fifth installment is very likely going to be the last one, but they cannot wait for the new season to come as the crime drama will finally be showing the truth about Jane Doe and what really happened to her. Let's find out everything we about the upcoming show, to keep up with the excitement. 

When Will Season 5 Of 'Blindspot' Release?


Before we dig in, let us address the fact that- this show getting a renewal surely is a big thing, as no one expected it to happen because of the speculations and reports stating about its cancellation. However, now that the renewal has been confirmed, and in spite of facing a downfall in the viewership for the former season, it is justified on fans part to be all hyped up about it. To keep up the excitement, NBC, however, did not reveal the date of its arrival, but it is mostly going to come out this year, by the end of the fall, or early 2020.

Who All Will Be There In Season 5 Of 'Blindspot'?


It is reported that Julee Cerda will be joining the cast of 'Blindspot', and according to Deadline, her role is yet to be revealed. Others who are going to be a part of the new season are Weiler (Sullivan Stapleton) Patterson (Ashley Johnson), Reade (Rob Brown) and Zapata (Audrey Esparza), who all are blown up in a drone attack by arch-army Madeline Burke (Mary Elizabeth Mastranoio). The fifth season will also be having one survivor, Jane (Jaimie Alexander). 

What Is Season 5 Of 'Blindspot' All About?


Season 5 will start from where things ended in season 4. In season 5, fans might see someone dying, someone who is important. No further details have been mentioned about who is going to die, but even so, there is something worth noting is the fact that people who experienced the explosion were Jane, Patterson, Weller, Zapata, and Reade. Therefore, it is quite possible that the one who will demise in season 5 will be one of them. There are some theories which tells that the story might have a happy twist. 

Do We Have A Trailer For Season 5 Of 'Blindspot'?


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