'Black Butler' Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

This is a live-update article and it will be updated as new details about Black Butler Season 4 are released. This is what we know so far

Black Butler Season 4

'Black Butler' is a dark comedy and dark fantasy anime series that premiered in October 2008. The Japanese manga series was written and illustrated by Yana Toboso. The series ranked in Square Enix's Shonen manga magazine Monthly Gafantasi from September 2006. A-1 Pictures produced all three seasons of the 'Black Butler' Japanese manga series. The series quickly became popular. Since its release, the anime has gathered a massive fanbase for its unique and dark storyline. Now, fans are eagerly awaiting the news for the fourth season. Here is what we know.

Will There Be' Black Butler' Season 4?

In July 2023, Anime Expo hosted an anime panel where the official announcement of Black Butler Season 4 was made. Fans who were eagerly waiting for the series can expect its return in 2024, although the exact release date has not been revealed yet. To tease the fans even further, a teaser trailer and a visual have also been released.

Here is the key visual:

Black Butler Season 4 Key Visual (Credit: Official Twitter)
Black Butler Season 4 Key Visual (Credit: Official Twitter)

And here is the trailer:


What Is The Plot Of 'Black Butler'?

The story is set in Great Britain during the Victorian era at the end of the 19th century. It follows the life of a 13-year-old boy named Ciel Phantomhive. On his 10th birthday, Ciel's mansion was set on fire, resulting in the death of his parents. Ciel went missing after the incident, but a month later, he returned. He teams up with Sebastian, a demon who saved him from death. Sebastian offers to lend Ciel his strength to seek revenge against those responsible for his family's murder. However, in exchange for his help, Sebastian will take Ciel's soul when the revenge is complete. Will Ciel be able to uncover the truth about his family's killers before it's too late?

Who Is Cast In 'Black Butler' Season 4?

CloverWorks animation studio will animate Black Butler Season 4. Many of the staff and crew members from previous seasons will be returning. The series will be directed by Kenjirō Okada, and Hiroyuki Yoshino, best known for his work on Black Butler: Book of Circus, will serve as the series composer.

Yumi Shimizu, who previously worked as the episode animation director and key animator for Black Butler in 2008, will return as the character designer. Ryo Kawasaki has been appointed as the Music Composer.

Sakamoto Maaya and Daisuke Ono will reprise their roles as Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis, respectively. The rest of the cast members will be announced at a later time.

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