Black Adam: Release Date, Plot, Cast, And More

Black Adam: Release Date, Plot, Cast, And More

DC Comics hopes to return to the golden age of comics by focusing on a spin-off movie of Shazam based on Black Adam, a former wielder of Shazam's power.

You've heard of Shazam, and hopefully even seen the movie. But who's Black Adam? Developed by C.C. Beck, the inventor of Shazam, Black Adam is one of the former wielders of the power that now resides in Billy Batson. Hailing from Ancient Egypt, Teth-Adam (as he's called in his native tongue) sets out to seek revenge on the people that sacked his city and murdered his parents. The catch here is that he goes way too far and shocks The Wizard, who strips Adam of the magical power he carries and destroys his form.

Black Adam's character starts off a simple black-and-white telling of a villain, but eventually, the DC universe starts seeing him as a sort of anti-hero. His backstory identifies him more along the lines of Namor, protecting his people by performing atrocities on those who would break them. Now that we have a general idea of who Black Adam is and where he comes from, we can start to appreciate DC's attempt to bring him to the silver screen. Here's what we know so far about Black Adam, including the cast and any other details we've stumbled upon.

Who Is in the Cast of Black Adam

Black Adam

So far, the only actor we know that was signed on for the project is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, taking the titular role. Spanish director Jaume Collet-Serra (House of Wax, Non-Stop) will be responsible for the rest of the casting, and he has a huge task ahead of him. He's got a team to help him, though, with screenwriter Adam Sztykiel (Due Date, Made of Honor) and cinematographer Lawrence Sher (Joker) lending their full support to the director. As soon as we start seeing cast listing coming out, we'll be updating you on what's happening with production.

What Rating are we Expecting?

The Rock as Black Adam is All We're Sure Of Right Now

Most DC films enter the cinemas with a PG-13 rating, and we can probably expect more of that here. However, since reports have stated that this movie will be more along the gritty, edgy side, we might see a move away from family-friendly entertainment into darker material. Given how offensive the source material for Black Adam's character can be, we might see a more intense look at the comic book hero, one that focuses on the deep anguish that exists within his mental state.

If the movie's plot is based on the original comic book plots, there will be a lot of non-PG scenes showing up in there. We'll have to wait and see how far DC is willing to push the "gritty" envelope. If they intend to create a movie that follows in the footsteps of their critically acclaimed success in Joker and their recently released Birds of Prey, we may be pleasantly surprised by what the studio produces.

Is There a Trailer for Black Adam?

Considering the film hasn't entered production yet, and they're still looking for cast members, it's safe to assume that there are no trailers out for this movie just, however. If the studio is going to release a trailer, it might not drop before the SDCC of this year. Given that the production start date for the film is July of this year, we probably might not see a trailer until nearly Christmas 2020.

When Does it Come Out?

The details on the film are still sketchy, but early release dates being thrown around by DC and WB put the film as dropping 22nd December 2021.

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