'Biohackers' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Biohackers' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Emma and Professor Tanja Lorenz are coming back to face a bigger threat.

Netflix's German drama and sci-fi thriller hit the streaming platform with a bang.

The series dropped six intense episodes a few weeks ago, which was immediately consumed by the hungry binge-watching community.

Season 1 ended in a cliffhanger, leaving fans screaming for more.

With an excellent audience reception, can we expect for season 2 to follow? Let's find out.


Has Biohackers Been Renewed For Season 2?

Great news, Biohackers fans! Netflix is officially bringing Biohackers for season 2.

The show hast just premiered on the streaming platform on August 20, but Netflix was so pleased with the audience reception it decided to renew the series right ahead.

Filming for season 2 is set to begin in the coming months in Freiburg and Munich.

"It's great that Biohackers will continue. Thematically, the second season will also deal with moral and ethical issues around biohacking and genome editing," creator Christian Ditter tells Deadline.


When Will Biohackers Season 2 Release?

There's no official release date yet, but we're hopeful that season 2 would release on the same month next year, August 2021. That is if the filming would not suffer delays due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The good thing is that Netflix already announced that all season 2 episodes would drop in one go, unlike some series where season episodes were released in parts. This means we'll have enough episodes to binge-watch when season 2 lands on the platform.


Who Will Be In The Cast Of Biohackers Season 2?

The major cast members are expected to reprise their roles for Biohackers season 2.

Luna Wedler is confirmed to return as Emma "Mia Akerlund" Engels together with Jessica Schwarz as Professor Tanja Lorenz.

We're also expecting to see Thomas Prenn as Niklas, Adrian Julius Tillmann as Jasper, Zeynep Bozbay as Petra Eller, and Caro Cult as Lotta.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, there's a possibility we'll also see new faces for the new season.


What Will Be The Plot Of Biohackers Season 2?

Biohackers follows Emma and a group of genius students at a German university who gets entangled with a powerful yet dangerous biohacking technology.

Season one ended in a cliffhanger, although Emma didn't die in season one, she finds herself in an extremely difficult situation.

After proving that Professor Tanja Lorenz is indeed responsible for the illegal genetic experiments, Emma fell into the trap after trusting Dr. Andreas Winter. The former scientist and now a journalist for Stanford Quarterly has a far more sinister plan for Emma and Lorenz's research.

Netflix executive Rachel Eggebeen already confirmed that we could see both Emma and Lorenz continue the narrative in season 2.

"Given the overwhelmingly positive response to the first season, we are thrilled to head into another season of Biohackers with Christian Ditter, Claussen+Putz, and the two outstanding actresses, Luna Wedler and Jessica Schwarz in the leading roles.

"We are incredibly excited to find out how things will continue between Mia and Prof. Tanja Lorenz," Eggebeen said via Express UK.

Biohackers Season 2 Trailer: When Can We See It?

With the show now officially renewed, it's just a matter of time before we can see its official trailer. Let's give it more or less 12 months wait. For now, let's enjoy Biohacker's season 1 trailer.

Biohackers is still available on Netflix.



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