'Behind Her Eyes' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Behind Her Eyes' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The show was billed as a limited series, but its twisted ending seem to hint a possible follow-up season.

Behind Her Eyes was billed as a limited series, but the twisted and cliff-hanging ending of the show left fans thinking if Netflix has season 2 in mind. The show received mixed reviews, particularly for its conclusion. Others praised the series for the unpredictability, while others criticized it for the lack of logical plot development.

The series dropped only six episodes on Netflix on February 17, 2021. Let's find out if Netflix has more episodes and seasons instore for us.

Behind Her Eyes

Will There Be 'Behind Her Eyes' Season 2? 

There is no official renewal announcement from Netflix yet, but we are hoping there will be a second season to appease us from the twisted ending of season 1. We'll talk more about the ending in the next chapter.

Unfortunately, season 1 has pretty much exhausted the source material of the series. Behind Her Eyes is based on a popular book of the same name written by Sarah Pinborough. Season 1 has closely followed the plot of the book material. Hence, if Netflix decides to renew the series, they will have to come up with an entirely new plot for the follow-up season. This has been done before with onscreen adaptations like Big Little Lies and The Handmaid's Tale. 

However, author Pinborough said she doesn't know if there are plans for season 2. 

"Not as far as I know," Pinborough said, adding:

"I would be interested to see where they would take it as it's a pretty closed ending. But if it does well, you never know."

Behind Her Eyes

What Is The Possible Plot Of 'Behind Her Eyes' Season 2? 

Warning: Season 1 major spoilers ahead.

Before its release, Behind Her Eyes promised a plot-filled with twists and WTF scenes, and boy, they delivered. What we thought was a psychological thriller took a supernatural turn towards the end of the series. The series follows Louise, a single mother who had an affair with her married boss, David. Things became even more complicated when she met David's wife, Adele, who befriended her. We were all baffled by Eve Hewson's Adele, who has a sinister aura despite her seemingly innocent and kind appearance. We wondered what made her husband, David (Tom Bateman), hated her so much that he ended up cheating with her secretary, Louise (Simona Brown). Then there was Rob, Adele's close friend, who she met while she was in rehab. Rob was suspicious of David's motive, especially when he found out that Adele has given him so much control of her money. Just when we thought we had everything figured out, Behind Her Eyes smacked us right in the face with what truly happened.

Brace yourself for the ultimate spoiler.

Towards the end of the series, we found out that Adele taught Rob astral projection. Rob learned quickly and took advantage of Adele's innocence. Rob tricked Adele to swap souls. Rob injects himself with a deadly dose of heroin so that once Adele’s soul is inside his body, she will be immobilized and trapped within his body forever. When they successfully switched bodies, Rob-as-Adele, injected his former body with more heroin, causing Rob's old body to overdose, killing Adele's soul inside. Rob-as-Adele then dumps the body into a well in the estate's forest, together with David's watch. Rob-as-Adele blackmails David to keep their secret so they will be together forever, or he will tell the police that David killed Rob.

When Rob-as-Adele knew that something is going on between David and Louise, he did the same trick and managed to inhabit Louise's body and killed her with a heroin overdose on a burning house.

Rob-as-Louise marries David, who seemed to have zero clues about the sudden shift in Louise's personality. Only Louise's child seems to recognize that something is wrong with his mom.

Pinborough's book explored Rob-Louise's planning to harm Adam, so if Netflix decides to green-lit season 2, then that's a possible path for the series to take. David and Rob-as-Louise are likely to go to another place to start a new life again, just like what they once did with Rob-as-Adele. It's exciting to see how long it will take David to figure out that something is wrong. For a psychiatrist, he is honestly doing a pretty bad job in identifying personalities. It's also unfair for Rob to be able to get away with all these horrendous crimes. Hopefully, he will face the consequences of his actions if season 2 will ever happen.

As for Louise's son, Rob-as-Louise gave him a sinister glare towards the final shot. The poor boy's life could be in great danger.

Behind Her Eyes

'Behind Her Eyes' Season 2 Cast Member Predictions

The show is not renewed for season 2 yet, so there are still no official cast members. There is still a chance for Eve Hewson to be back despite getting killed (technically twice) in season one through flashbacks. Tom Bateman and Simona Brown will most likely return as Dr. David Ferguson and Louise, as well as Robert Aramayo as Rob and Tyler Howitt as Adam.

'Behind Her Eyes' Season 2 Official Trailer: When Can We See It? 

The series is not renewed yet, so we still don't have a season 2 official trailer. Here is the season 1 trailer in the meantime. Haven't seen Behing Her Eyes yet? Stream the complete episodes on Netflix now. Get to know Eve Hewson and Simona Brown through our celebrity articles by clicking their hyperlinked names. 



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