'Beckett' Ending Explained: Who Is Trying To Kill Beckett?

'Beckett' Ending Explained: Who Is Trying To Kill Beckett?

An American tourist's dreamy vacation turns into a nightmare after he gets caught in a political conspiracy. But who is trying to kill Beckett and why?

'Beckett' is a breathtaking thriller directed by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino and starring John David Washington.

It follows the eponymous character, who becomes a target of a manhunt after an accident that killed his girlfriend. Alone in a foreign country and haunted by mercenaries, Beckett tries his best to go to the US embassy for safety. 

Soon, it becomes clear that he is just an unlucky pawn in a much bigger conspiracy scheme. And he has no one to trust, not even the police or the embassy staff. Did Beckett make it out alive? Here's a very detailed breakdown of everything that happened in Netflix's 'Beckett'.

'Beckett' Synopsis and Ending Explained

Beckett and his girlfriend April are vacationing in scenic Greece. They decided to move from the Syntagma Square in Athens to the countryside to avoid a forecasted loud protest. Beckett has booked the accommodation, and April makes a phone call to confirm their booking. While driving, Beckett falls asleep and veers off the road. The car falls off the cliff and breaks into a house. 

When Beckett comes out of his sense, he saw a blonde woman and a red-haired boy looking at him. The woman scampers, takes the boy, and hides. Still groggy in pain, Beckett looks around and finds April's body, few meters away from their upside-down car. 

Beckett wakes up at a hospital. Although he was having a tough time talking to the Greek doctor and a young police officer, Beckett understands when they tell her that his girlfriend is dead.

Beckett manages to speak to an older local police officer and tell him about the incident in detail. He also tells him about the red-haired boy and the woman. 

The bearded officer tells him no one lives in that house. 

A Big Mistake

Beckett's only mistake is being at the wrong place, at the wrong time. He made a terrible (though understandable) decision to go back to the accident site the next day. While mourning at the spot where April died, a blonde woman suddenly arrives and shoots at him. 

Later, the police officer who interviewed him earlier arrives and urges him to come out of hiding. Believing it was just a misunderstanding, Beckett stands up, only to get shot by the woman and the officer again. 

Beckett runs away, and the two chase after him. Beckett turned from an innocent American tourist into a man running for his life and freedom.

Left without a choice, Beckett jumps over a cliff to escape. He finds a truck and spends the night there. 

The next day, he was found by a local man who helps him. Sadly, the blonde woman and the police officer arrive at the house and seemingly kills the good samaritan. Though heavily injured, Beckett manages to escape again. 

He finds a beekeeper and his wife, who lends him a phone to call the embassy. Beckett tells the embassy what happened. He begged for them to send someone, but the embassy says it will take at least a day. 

Beckett asks if he can go to them instead. After asking the couple for directions, he heads toward the train station across the river stream. He hitchhikes on a bus and manages to board the train.

However, the police officer finds him and sits beside him en route. It turns out that the officer found the beekeeper couple and asked for his whereabouts. He also didn't hesitate to hurt them, just like he did with the local man who first helped Beckett. 

The officer askes Beckett what he told the embassy, to which Beckett replied vaguely. After getting threatened, Beckett tries to flee, but the officer attacks him.

He tied Beckett's hands. In the middle of the scuffle, the officer accidentally shoots his foot as Beckett tries to protect himself. He calls the embassy to report, but the embassy only advises him to turn himself to the local police. 

The Red-Haired Boy and The Political Conspiracy

As Beckett desperately tries to go to the US embassy to find help, the story gradually reveals that he got used as a pawn in a larger international political conspiracy.

After escaping from the policeman, Beckett finds posters of the red-haired boy plastered around the city by two female activists, Lena and Eleni.

He learns that he is Dimos, the nephew of a famous politician Karrass. He tells the two women that he saw the boy. He asked their help to bring him to the embassy, explaining that the people who kidnapped Dimos are now after him.

At first, the two didn't believe him, but when they see the blonde woman and the police officer looking after Beckett, they agreed to help.

Who Are The People Running After Beckett?

The two women told Beckett about Sunrise, a far-right ultranationalist Greek group. This group bribes the police, allowing them to get away with everything. They believed that Sunrise is behind the kidnapping of the young boy.

The women are heading to Syntagma Square to join a rally for Karras. Upon hearing about the place, Beckett breaks down. He regrets leaving the place trying to avoid the rally-- a decision that took away April's life and now puts him at enormous risk.

Upon arriving at a checkpoint, Beckett hops out of the car. He boards another train to the Omonia but gets immediately mugged when he arrives. A guy attacks him with a knife, and Beckett managed to run to the bystanders for help. They brought him to the US embassy. 

Is The Embassy Part Of The Conspiracy?

Upon arriving at the embassy, Beckett meets Stephen Tynan, who tells him that they managed to retrieve April's body. Beckett sees April's corpse and breaks down crying.

Beckett talks to Stephen and tells him everything that happened. Stephen asks for the names of the two women who helped him. 

Stephen convinces Beckett to go to the police, to speed up the process. He tells him that he will be escorting him to the female cop who could truly help his case. He says that the embassy can not override what the Greek police have on Beckett, but this female cop can.

Of course, we later find that Stephen is no savior. Along the way, he tries to tase Beckett. But Beckett already seems to have doubts about Stephen's character and has kept his guards up. Luckily, he managed to save himself again and tased Stephen instead. The car crashed and Beckett escape.

Becket travels on foot again and finds himself in Lena's headquarters. He warns them that the embassy is part of the political conspiracy too. Soon, the embassy staff arrives and chases Beckett to a political rally. 

In the middle of the rally, Beckett hears gunshots. He heads to the mall's basement. Stephen finds Beckett and tells him that Karras is dead. According to Stephen, he got shot by the same people who kidnapped his nephew.

Karras owed a big amount of money, and the criminals took Dimos as collateral. These criminals went after Beckett in fear that they would expose their identities. But now that Karras is dead, Stephen says they are all good. 

Stephen advises him to just get on a plane, but he is worried about Dimos. He knocks out Stephen with a rod, takes Stephen's gun, and gets back to the rally. 

The rally ended in turmoil. The activists and the police clashed. In the middle of the chaos, Beckett finds the blonde woman who shot him. He follows her to the parking lot, where the bearded police officer awaits with a getaway vehicle. Beckett pulls out the gun and shoots the bearded policeman. He tackles the blonde woman to the ground and manages to shoot her in the leg, but she fires back at him.

Beckett Ending Explained: Is Beckett Alive?

While Beckett and the woman were fighting on the ground, the bearded policeman gets away with the red-haired boy in the trunk. Beckett knocks out the blonde woman. Lena arrives on the scene worried, but Beckett runs after the bearded policeman to save the boy.

He jumps on his car from the third-floor parking. He winced in pain but managed to rescue the boy. 

In the final scene, Beckett sees the heart his girlfriend drew on his palm. He sobs and reflects on how he should've died. But yes, after all the hardships he went through, Beckett is very much alive. The film did not specify if Beckett managed to get back home to the US. But with Lena's help, and his innate desire to survive, we know he's got a bigger chance. 

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