Beast Tamer Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

This is a live article and it will be updated as new details come our way. This is what we know so far about Beast Tamer Season 2.

Beast Tamer Season 2

"Beast Tamer" follows Rein, a person with a unique ability to control animals. Despite his animal-taming skills, he is unable to keep up in combat, leading to his expulsion from the hero's party. While on his adventure, Rein meets a young woman from the cat tribe, who is considered the strongest of all animals. However, the hero's party is unaware of Rein's significant contribution to their past victories. This story narrates the journey of an unconventional beast tamer and his loyal companion. The first season of "Beast Tamer" was a hit among audiences, leaving them eagerly anticipating a second season. We have gathered information from various sources to keep you updated on the potential renewal of this comedy series. Let's dive into the latest updates.

Is Beast Tamer Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?

After the success of Beast Tamer's first season, fans are eagerly awaiting the second season. While no official renewal or release date has been announced, it's speculated that the season might premiere in 2024. The show's creator has promised that the second season will be even more spectacular than the first.

What Happened at the End of Beast Tamer?

Beast Tamer Season 2
Beast Tamer 

Kanade and his companions launch an audacious assault on Edgar's mansion, causing chaos. Meanwhile, Rain, Sora, and Luna sense a powerful magical surge, seemingly on par with the mightiest beings. Their goal is to free the captives.

Rain and his companions face off against the demons who have taken over the city of Horizon, engaging in a fierce battle. Despite their efforts, the demons continue to summon countless monsters, gradually trapping them. Can Rain protect his loved ones and the city's population?

Rain and his close friends, who have become a tight-knit family, decide to purchase a residence based on Natalie's recommendation. However, the place they find is rumored to be haunted, with unexplainable incidents occurring.