Batman Fans Celebrate 14th Anniversary Of 'The Dark Knight' Release

Batman Fans Celebrate 14th Anniversary Of 'The Dark Knight' Release

Christopher Nolan's 'Batman Begins' sequel still holds the crown for "Best Batman Movie"

It's been 14 years since The Dark Knight came into the cinema world and since then, fans have been carrying the torch of appreciation. Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins sequel still holds the crown for "Best Batman Movie," over a decade later – even with qualified new contenders like Matt Reeves' The Batman, per Comicbook

Heath Ledger's performance as Joker remains irreplaceable to this day, while Nolan's noir visual style in retelling superhero mythology has continued to influence the entertainment industry ever since.

Here's some of the appreciation that The Dark Knight has been getting from fans all over the internet.

The Making Of The Dark Knight

The making of the film has become noteworthy over the years.


The D-Day

Fourteen years ago, this movie came into our lives.


Some Perfect Shots

The Dark Knight gave us so many iconic Batman images that will never fade.


The Film Changed Everything

The Dark Knight, undoubtedly, brought about a change in the superhero movie genre, and cinema, in general.


Best Of Ledger's Joker

The actor in one of his most memorable roles!


Even The Posters Are Iconic

Every one-sheet, every teaser, every trailer – the entire marketing campaign for The Dark Knight was as successful as the film itself.


The Hero We (Still) Deserve

One of the greatest monologues in superhero movie history.


The Feeling Is Still Fresh

The power of a lot of movies fades with time. But not this film.


This Will Be Studied Forever

A lesson in filmmaking and so much more.


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