B: The Beginning Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

B: The Beginning Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

When the post-credits showed up after the conclusion of the first season, fans of B: The Beginning have been highly anticipating the arrival of the second season that was confirmed back in June 2018. Since then, the devoted fandom has been itching to know more about what becomes of the story,

Unlike most other anime around the world, B: The Beginning is an original concept that is not based on a light novel or manga series. The story is written by Katsuya Ishida, directed by Kazuto Nakazawa and Yoshiki Yamakawa and produced by Production IG.

The story is set in the fictional, advanced nation of Cremona. The eponymous "Killer B" is among the main characters in the series who has thrown the city into chaos. Several other characters include Koku, the protagonist; Keith, a legendary investigator of the Royal Investigation Service (RIS) as well as an ominous organization, whose paths intervene with one another to reach their objectives.

The story partially focuses on two characters; one being Keith, who is a genius investigator who is brought in to look into the misdeeds of a serial killer known as Killer B; the other character is a seemingly young man by the name of Koku, who in actuality is an extraterrestrial looking for his lost partner. By mere happenstance, both characters eventually run into one another and together they encounter a secret organization, a mysterious project bent on resurrecting gods and a prophecy that predicts the arrival of a being known as the “Black King.”

So as you can see B: The Beginning is praised for its elements of sci-fi and crime drama, something which a lot of shows don’t really manage to pull off well. But this series not only balances these two genres out, it also manages to execute them masterfully. Also, the story arcs of the two main characters are given almost the same screen time, making the show even more engaging and enthralling.

Even so, the plot of the series is quite convoluted which could be a pain for those who are not accustomed to such things, to understand right away. What’s more, is that both protagonists have been developed quite nicely, although Keith actually comes off as more relatable and realistic than Koku. Even more impressive than the way the characters fit their roles nicely is the fact that the series manages to pull off the tones of mystery and tension with every episode, making it a real treat for those who are die-hard fans of science fiction and/or crime drama.

Perhaps the only time the show comes off short is toward the end of the first season as it tries a little too hard to keep the plot compelling.

Season 1 Ending (Spoilers)

B: The Beginning

Director Nakazawa had provided a “complete story” ending after the conclusion of episode 12. But that also appears to indicate that Koku and Keith’s main goal has now been completed, that is unless Yuna gets in trouble again.

In episode 12’s post-credits scene, Kirisame is shown to have survived in spite of the fact that Koku had his blue steel sword arm cut off a bit earlier in the season. Kirisame is seen reprimanding an unidentified person for leaving Koku to a Reggie. He says that he will keep his promise of seeing Koku again.

The dialogue from Kirisame goes as:

“Didn’t I tell you. This is what you get when you leave things to a Reggie. I’ll go this time. I need to get my left arm back from him, anyway.”

After the ending, Nakawaza was asked if he was planning or intended to make a second one. However, his response appears to indicate that it’s all on Netflix:

“I think many interpretations can be made, but I think that any story is only part of a big story. I think that ‘The Story Continues’ represents my own feelings, but I do not know if it will… or not.”

During his 2018 interviews, Production IG CEO Mitsuhisa Ishikawa had the same thoughts in mind. Ishikawa said that the ending to the first season was set in a way for viewers to say, “I’d like to see Season 2 if this is the case.”

Ishikawa went on to say, “It will be a pity for both the viewers and Netflix to end in Season 1. So if you can ask for a continuation, it will be our pleasure as the creator.”

What we gather from this is that Netflix and Production IG must definitely produce a second season for B: The Beginning. That’s because of the story behind Killer B aka Lohengrin as well as the two fossils that were found on Jetblack demands a second season in order to give that subplot more substance. And with Kirisame still breathing, the story may continue to focus on him and the unknown individual who was talking to him.

When Can We Expect a Release Date?

The second season has indeed been confirmed, but as of this writing right now, no official release date for B: The Beginning Season 2 has been given on Netflix. But as soon as we have something, we will definitely keep you and this page updated on it. Still, one can speculate as on the possibilities as to when the next season may drop in the meantime.

Since the announcement for a second season was made back in June 2018, we can expect it to drop after a year as production doesn’t really take that long. And as we’re already in the hot days and summer still without a solid release date, we should probably reserve hopes for the second half of 2019.




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