How To Watch 'Avatar: Way of Water' Online

How To Watch 'Avatar: Way of Water' Online

Get ready for more epic fights on the land of Pandora, here's how to watch the film...

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After almost 13 years, James Cameron is back with another lush adventure in the world of Pandora. Avatar: The Way of Water is set almost 15 years later and welcomes the familiar faces with a few fresh additions. Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana return as Jake Sully and Neytiri who now head the Omatikaya Clan. If for some reason you have not been able to catch the film in theaters and wondering where and when is it gonna drop online. Read on to know everything related to watching the film online.

How Can You Watch and Stream Avatar: The Way of Water?


Unfortunately as of now the only way to watch the movie is to catch it in theatres. But we are hoping to see it soon on Disney+ and that's just an educated guess as the predecessor is available on the mentioned platform. If this movie follows the same path as the original 2009 film then we might be able to see it on the streamer. 

When Can You See Avatar: The Way of Water online?


There is no official release date, there are no details as well. But going by the 2022 film schedule, films like Thor: Love and Thunder and Lightyear both ended up on Disney+ within three months of their theatre releases. They have currently decided to stick to a cinematic release but watch this space for any update that might arrive in the near future. 

What is Avatar: The Way of Water About?


In this movie, Jake Sully takes us back to the land of Pandora. He starts with a brief recap that was much needed after a 13-year gap in real life and the 15-year gap in reel. This new chapter tells the story of Sully family which is a full-grown family by now. Eventually, everything leads to an epic battle, read the ending explained to get a spoiler-packed breakdown. This time the threat is Quaritch who wants to make 'The Moon' the new home for humans as the Earth is slowly dying. In order to achieve that, he wants to kill the leader of the Navi insurgency, JAKE!

Jake soon understands that he is the target and flees with his family. In this movie, Cameron once again shows how we as a race are single-handedly destroying nature. The Sully kids are an amazing addition to the storyline and the kids to the family's rescue at the very end. You have to wait to catch it online my humble suggestion is to watch the movie in theatres as this movie indeed is a worthy sequel.