‘Austin Powers’ Cast Reunites For Super Bowl Commercial From General Motors

‘Austin Powers’ Cast Reunites For Super Bowl Commercial From General Motors

Mike Myers is back as Dr. Evil along with some other familiar faces!

One of 1997's biggest hits is back but this time with a twist! Mike Myers reprised one of his iconic Austin Powers characters in a new Super Bowl ad for General Motors. But this time Dr. Evil might just be Dr. Good after all. GM wants to get people into electric vehicles, so Dr. Evil becomes Dr. EV-ill in the footage. The goal of the ad is to get consumers thinking about vehicles that are better for the environment. So, Dr. Evil reunites with co-stars Seth Green, Rob Lowe, and Mindy Sterling and plans to save the planet from climate change... before trying to take it over! The last movie in the franchise, Austin Powers in Goldmember was released way back in 2002!


“We are using climate change as the enemy,” shared Deborah Wahl, General Motors’ global chief marketing officer. The giant automaker knows that for “a large majority of first movers and the younger population, this is very much in line with their purpose and their vision, and they are very concerned about climate change overall. We want to normalize EVs," added Wahl, before mentioning that the ads are to "help people see themselves in one." 


Speaking of reuniting with his former co-stars, Seth Green shared, “It really does feel like the band that has been playing together for 30 years. Austin Powers is still one of the most globally recognized things I’ve done. There is a fan base for it.” As for the ad itself, Myers called it "a very, very positive message about saving the world." The 58-year-old told PEOPLE, "I was like, that's a positive message for my three kids, so I'm in." Since the success of the film, the Canadian actor has gone on to focus on his family with his wife Kelly Tisdale both of whom have welcomed son Spike, 10, and daughters Sunday, 7, and Paulina, 6.


Working with Green, 48, Lowe, 57, and Sterling, 68, again after 20 years "was like we hadn't missed a beat," Myers shared. "It's like it was five minutes ago. After three kids I don't have a sense of time anyways." Speaking of his co-stars, the franchise, and its fans, the actor said, "I love doing the character. I love these people. It's absolutely gratifying." Myers continued, "It's people of all ages and from around the world. It's hard for my head to take in sometimes, but it's just a great experience. The Dr. Evil speech, when he's with Carrie Fisher—'the details of my life are quite inconsequential...'—I've had people recite the entire speech. And me going, 'God, I had to do that in 15 takes.'"

Watch the full ad below!


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