'Attack On Titan' Season 4: Release Date And Renewal Status

'Attack On Titan' Season 4: Release Date And Renewal Status

The famous actor who is known for his work in films like 'Attack on Titan', 'Accel World' and 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle'; Yûki Kaji will be returning to lend his voice for the role of Eren Yeager.

One of the most famous animes of all time 'Attack on Titan' is coming back for the fourth and final season and anime lovers just cannot keep calm anymore. 'Attack on Titan' in Japan is called Shingeki no Kyojin and is based on the manga series of the same name by Hajime Isayama. The manga got a 30th volume that released on April 14, 2020. The third installment of the anime came in July 2018 along with the release of three more volumes besides. This anime is an essential part of Japanese folklore, same as the legend of Godzilla, and those who follow animes and mangas would know that fighting the odds and numerous attacks of aliens and monsters is something which exists in Japanese blood since its inception. Therefore, it is pretty understandable as to why 'Attack on Titan' has such a huge fan following! 

Fans, however, are trying to contain their excitement after they have heard the news of their favorite show getting a renewal. So, here is everything we know about the upcoming fourth season. 

When Can We Expect 'Attack On Titan' Season 4 To Arrive? 


During a live concert, which was exclusively devoted to the 'Attack of Titan' composer on June 9, 2019, a group of fans decided to huddle up for a second meeting, as they have found out Tetsuro Araki was among the supervisors of the event. During the meeting, one of the fans, Daxie, asked Araki some questions about Kabaneri and Attack on Titan. 

Daxie asked, "before the news spread across the Internet, we are most concerned about the question, is there going to be Attack on Titan Season 4?" Araki answered, "Yes," briefly and quickly. Soon after on June 20, 2019, fans got to see an official announcement on the official website of the anime series, where they mentioned about the anime series getting a renewal for the fourth time. And on the same date, the official teaser revealed to the world that 'Attack on Titan' Season 4 release date is due in 2020. However, the fourth is going to be the end of the legendary anime series, something to be unhappy about for the fans. 

But now, we are hearing that the new season will not be released in 2020 and will be delayed till further notice. This comes from a report from YonkouProductions who stated that "word around town" is the new season will not be here in 2020.


Yonkou Productions has a decent track record on reporting on anime developments.

There has been no word on why the final season will be delayed but we can probably assume that it has something to do with the Coronavirus pandemic.

What Could Be The Plot Of 'Attack On Titan' Season 4? 


There is no concrete information about what the plot is going to be for the fourth installment, however, the final episode of the last season didn't take long to introduce us to an older and more experienced Eren. In the last episode, the ancient rivalry between Elidia and Eren's homeland and Marley was also revealed to the fans. By now fans are aware of the fact that Eren knows that Marley has been forcibly transforming Eldians into Titans and unleashing them on Paradis Island, leading to the deaths of thousands including Eren's mother. Therefore, for the fourth installment, we can expect to see Eren and his friends take the fight across the sea to Marley.

 Who All Will Be Returning For 'Attack On Titan' Season 4?


The famous actor who is known for his work in films like 'Attack on Titan', 'Accel World' and 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle', Yûki Kaji will be returning to lend his voice for the role of Eren Yeager. Along with him, the lead cast members including Yui Ishikawa as Misaka Ackermann and Marina Inoue as Armin Arlert will be returning for the fourth season. 

Is There A Trailer Of 'Attack On Titan' Season 4, Which Has Been Released?

Yes! Fans have been blessed with a brand new trailer for the fourth season, and here it is! The new trailer also came with the announcement that Wit Studio will no longer be producing the series. The production will now be taken over by Studio MAPPA.


How Excited Are The Fans About The Fourth Installment?





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