Arnold Schwarzenegger Uses his Platform to Denounce Anti-Semitism in Heartfelt Speech

He said that he wants to address those who are already on the wrong path...

Getty Images | Hannes Magerstaedt

Arnold Schwarzenegger is using his platform to call out the rise of anti-semitism and other many forms of hatred across the States. The former governor of California, 75 talked about how we should stop this from happening again. In a 12-minute speech that was shared on YouTube, he noted that he "doesn't want to preach to the choir here"

"Today, I want to talk to the people out there who might have already stumbled in the wrong direction, into the wrong path," he explained.

"I want to talk to you if you've heard some conspiracies about Jewish people or people of any race, gender, or orientation and thought, 'That makes sense to me.' I want to talk to you if you've found yourself thinking anyone is inferior or out to get you because of their religion or the color of their skin or their gender."


"I don't know the road that's brought you here, but I've seen enough people throw away their futures for hateful beliefs, so I want to speak to you before you find your regrets at the end of that path," continued Schwarzenegger.

He then referenced his own dad who he said belonged to the Nazi party and also talked about the broken men that he grew up surrounded by in his homeland which is Austria and said that they all "fell for losers and fell for a horrible loser ideology."

Getty Images | Hannes Magerstaedt
Getty Images | Hannes Magerstaedt

He continued, "Throughout history, hate has always been the easy path, the path of least resistance. I get it, it's easier to find a scapegoat for a problem than to try to make things better ourselves. But let me be clear, you will not find success at the end of that road.

"You will not find fulfillment or happiness because hate burns fast and bright. It might make you feel empowered for a while but eventually consumes whatever vessel it fuels. It breaks you, it's the path of the weak," he said. "That's why there has never been a successful movement based on hate." 

Getty Images | Kevin Winter
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

An audit was reportedly performed by the Anti-Defamation League and it reported that anti-semitic incidents reached an all-time high last year, which is 2021. "Jews are experiencing more antisemitic incidents than we have in this country in at least 40 years, and that's a deeply troubling indicator of larger societal fissures."

Anti-Seminitism is the same horrible ideology Adolf Hilter believed in, and there's no space for that ideology in today's world.