Apple TV+'s 'Severance' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Considering the stellar writing and performances the show had, it was nominated for multiple Emmy Awards, including one for Outstanding Drama Series.

Cover Image Source: Apple TV+ Press

Ever wish you could just stop remembering what you were doing at some part of the day? Well, Severance on Apple TV+ portrays a similar narrative. The characters get a chip implanted in their head when they get hired for a job at Lumon, 'severing' them from their home life and their work life. So, when they’re at work, they remember nothing but the work, and when they’re at home, they remember nothing about work.

Predictably, a dystopian concept like this was bound to get popular among people, and with the stellar writing and performances the show had, it was also bound to be nominated for multiple Emmy Awards, including one for Outstanding Drama Series.

However, since the show ended on such a cliffhanger, fans have been desperate for a second season, to find answers about what is happening at the company called Lumon. 


Is There A Severance Season 2?

Since the show released its episodes once a week, Apple TV+ had the opportunity to closely monitor the weekly viewership ratings, and by the week before the finale, they had already confirmed that there would be a second season coming soon. 


What Is The Plot Of Severance Season 2?

In the first season, we see characters Mark, Helly, Dylan, and Irving trying to figure out who they are outside of their job. They are slowly getting to know that this place is not what it says it is. As they finally figure out and try to tell people to let them leave, they are reverted back into their ‘outies.’

The next season could possibly explore finding Ms. Casey/Gemma and Mark’s innie and outie coming together to quit their jobs, while Helly figures out why her outie and innie are so different. We find out that Helly is an Eagan and this whole idea of her coming to Macrodata Refinement is a set-up. 

We still don’t know what exactly Lumon is asking these people to do, so the next season could explore what it is that their work involves. It may also lead to other questions about the chip in their head and how it affects their mental states. 


Who Is Cast In Severance Season 2?

We can expect the main protagonists Adam Scott (Mark), Britt Lower (Helly R), John Turturro (Irving), and Zach Cherry (Dylan) to reprise their roles. Additionally, it is also confirmed that Dichen Lachman (Ms.Casey/Gemma), Patricia Arquette (Harmony), Tramell Tillman (Milchick), and Christopher Walken (Burt Goodman) will be coming back for a second season.

Additionally, Jen Tullock (Devon) and Michael Chernus (Ricken) will also be returning to their roles for the second season.


When Will Severance Season 2 Release?

While there is no release date or filming schedule confirmed, Lachman did give us a little tease of what’s coming. “I will tell you that we are gearing up, and we hope to be on set in October sometime,” Lachman said. “I am so excited for all the actors, and for Ben and Dan, who are nominated for Emmys. It's so exciting. To just know that, at the end, the wonderful work is rewarded with this recognition. That show is extraordinary, I am so grateful that you've watched it, and that you love it.”

However, given the unique content of the show, it could be possible to see the show as late as 2024 or earliest by the first half of 2023.