Anne With An E Season 4 - The End of an Era?

Anne With An E Season 4 - The End of an Era?

Based on the 1908 novel Anne of Green Gables, we follow Anne as she finds herself in the world. Sadly, the series seems to be over. Is this the last of Anne?

Anne With An E is a unique period piece that you don't usually expect to see on television these days. Based on the book Anne of Green Gables written in 1908 by Lucy Maud Montgomery (under the pseudonym of L.M. Montgomery), it's a timeless coming-of-age tale. Fans of the Canadian drama were eagerly awaiting the announcement for the premiere of season 4 of the series. Alas, Netflix decided that the series didn't need another season and announced that season 3 that aired in January 2020 would be the last one.

Anne With an E - The Plot So Far

Anne With An E Season 3

Two siblings, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert decide that they want to help out an orphan boy. However, on getting to the train station, they're greeted by a young girl named Anne Shirley. As can be expected, there is a lot of tension in the family home as Anne insinuates herself into it. Things start to go wrong, culminating in an event where Anne is accused of stealing Marilla's brooch. Anne is sent away only for Matthew to go to the orphanage to get her back and make amends. Eventually, Anne settles into her new home. With each setback facing her, she faces it and becomes a strong young woman because of it. The series is a brilliant retelling of the original novel and keeps many of the themes but makes it relatable for the audience and suitable for an episodic series.

Cut Down in its Prime

Anne With An E

Netflix isn't a fan of franchises that can't seem to catch their audience, and for some reason, the TV streaming giant thinks that Anne With An E is one of those. The studio announced that it wouldn't be renewing the series for a fourth season. This statement prompted a massive uproar from the Twitterverse, with thousands of people coming to the series' defense. The hashtag #RenewAnneWithAnE reached viral proportions as fans tried their best to let the company know it wasn't done with the series. An online petition surfaced signed by thousands of avid viewers to get Anne With An E reinstated. As it turns out, Netflix wasn't the only one to blame for the show's cancellation.

When showrunners are deaf to the pleas of their fans, it's never a good sign. Despite all the uproar over the cancellation and the spirited resolve of the supporters to get it renewed, the showrunners neither supported nor criticized the fans' efforts. Eventually, it was revealed that the showrunners had gotten bored with the franchise and were no longer interested in filming season four, even if the fans were clamoring for it. The bleak outlook is that we won't see another season of this touching and heartfelt series. Fans are gutted that, despite all their hard work, they were still met with disappointment.

Why Was it Cancelled?

Anne With An E

The series seemed to have been eating up more of a budget than it was making for the streaming company, and so canning it was a financial decision. Rumors circulate about a rift between NBC and Netflix that might have taken the series as one of its casualties. With falling demand for the show as one of the significant reasons to end it, at least fans got a season finale, and it wasn't canceled in the middle of the season without any explanation. This way, fans at least have some closure about the series.

Will We Ever See Anne With An E Again?

Anne With An E

Series get resurrected from time to time, and while, at the moment, there aren't any plans to revive this franchise, it's something the studio may explore in the future, albeit with new showrunners and cast. Until such time, we'll just have to remain hopeful that someday we'll see a return.

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