Amber Heard Shares Disturbing Details About Depp Allegedly Doing A 'Cavity Search' On Her

Amber Heard Shares Disturbing Details About Depp Allegedly Doing A 'Cavity Search' On Her

"He said he was looking for his drugs, his cocaine, his coke," she stated in the court testimony.

Trigger Warning: This story contains graphic details of sexual assault that may be disturbing to readers.

Amber Heard was called to the stand to testify in the defamation trial on Wednesday. She tearfully recalled the relationship she had with her ex-husband Johnny Depp and detailed the alleged abuse she experienced. 

The 36-year-old actress detailed when first Depp hit her, explained the other ways he had treated her violently, and why she continued to stay in the relationship despite it all. The first time the Pirates of the Caribbean actor slapped her was after she laughed at a tattoo on his arm. She hypothesized that much of the violence against her was influenced by Depp's use of drugs.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Heard also shared one such alleged incident when her ex-husband sexually abused her. Describing the events that took place in 2013, Heard said they were at a trailer park with a bunch of friends and the group had indulged in "laughy" drugs. But the evening took a violent turn. She stated that when she was in one of those trailers, Depp came smashing in screaming at her about cheating on him by trying to seduce another woman. He also accused her of stealing his drugs. 

"It became clear he was looking for something," Heard stated. "I went into the bathroom and as I came out he asked me, 'Where it is?' And how long I’ve been hiding it. I was like, 'What are you talking about?' He says, 'You know what I’m f****** talking about. Be honest with me. Where are you hiding it?' And he makes to look into the bathroom. I gestured into the bathroom. What am I hiding and where am I going to hide it?" He then started looking for more cocaine and started to pat Heard down for it as well.


"He ripped my dress, the top part of my dress," she said in court through tears. "I had just dyed this thing pink. He's grabbing my breasts, he’s touching my thighs, he rips my underwear off." She then stated that Depp proceeded to do a cavity search. "He said he was looking for his drugs, his cocaine, his coke. I was wondering how I, somebody who didn’t do cocaine and was against it, that was in and of itself causing problems in the relationship. He was insinuating [I was hiding it]," then going into graphic detail she continued: "He was telling me, 'We are going to conduct a cavity search.' Like, just shoved his fingers inside me. I just stood there staring at the stupid light. I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there. While he did that. He twisted his fingers around. I didn’t say stop or anything."


Heard also recalled the early days of their relationship which she called "magical" but how it took a turn for the worse over time. "I struggle to find the words to describe how painful this is. This is horrible for me to sit here for weeks and relive everything here," she had said in court. The Aquaman actress explained how their relationship deteriorated as she brought up his history of substance abuse and jealousy. Depp has denied these allegations and is suing her for $50 million for defamation following the 2018 Washington Post op-ed she published. 


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