Amber Heard Faked Her Bloody Nose With Nail Polish? New Details Emerge

Amber Heard Faked Her Bloody Nose With Nail Polish? New Details Emerge

Amber Heard may have faked a bloody nose with her nail polish, Depp’s friend testifies in court. Read all about it here.

It seems like the Amber-Depp legal feud won’t be dying down any time soon, as Johnny Depp’s friend recently claimed that Amber had once faked a bloody nose with her red nail polish in order to incriminate Depp.

Just to give an overview, Amber Heard, the ex-wife of The Pirates of the Caribbean movie-star Johnny Depp, had penned an op-ed claiming that Depp abuses her. Consequently, Depp lost his reputation because of the allegations as well as a chunk of his fortune. However, Johnny Depp filed a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife to gain his fame and career back.

Now, there have been various pieces of evidence against Heard, which show that the actress had faked her bruises and was, in fact, the real abuser in the relationship. In the light of this discovery, fans were enraged and demanded that Heard gets the same blacklisting that Depp has faced over the years.

All of this is downright confusing and makes it difficult to know who the real culprit is. However, it is surprising how former lovers can turn against each other to this extent. If you're like us—unable to solve this mystery and to try to find out who the culprit is, we'll share a new allegation that makes it difficult to support Heard.

Depp’s Friend’s Testimony In Court

Johnny Deep and friends

Josh Richman, a close friend of Johnny Depp, said in a court testimony, which was retrieved by The Blast, that there had been an incident before Depp and Heard got married when the Aquaman actress tried to taint Depp’s reputation by faking a bloody nose.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Richman told the court that one night, between an argument, Heard went into the bathroom and came out with a red Kleenex, saying that Depp had given her a bloody nose. However, when Depp evaluated the Kleenex, he found out that it had Heard’s nail polish on it. Richman told the court that Depp had mentioned this incident to him as they have been friends for over thirty years.

Even though a lot of shreds of evidence are against Heard, we can't help but say that Richman's testimony in the court is a little shady. He is, after all, Depp's friend, and for all we know, Depp can be lying about the Kleenex incident. Moreover, one can say that Richman did not witness the argument first hand, and therefore, can't be sure of this incident ever taking place.
Furthermore, there have always been people who were against Amber and Johnny’s union, and it makes sense that they will utilize this incident to support Depp.

Before you say that we are taking Heard’s side—which we are not—we believe that if Richman is right, and Heard did fake a bloody nose to defame Depp, Johnny can present the Kleenex as evidence at court. However, whether the Kleenex will be accepted in the court or not is unclear at this point. The Heard-Depp feud just keeps getting messier with no indication of coming to an end.
What do you think about this issue? Who, in your opinion, is the real culprit?

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