Altered Carbon Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Altered Carbon Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

In this society, death is temporary (most of the time). We follow a former freedom fighter turned mercenary, seeing him come to grips with a strange reality.

Imagine a world where you can't die, but your consciousness can be transferred from body to body. In this reality, life is a lot different, even though some things remain the same. Altered Carbon asks us to follow the exploits of a former freedom-fighter turned mercenary called Takeshi Kovacs as he tries to fit himself into a world that has moved on centuries since last his consciousness was in a body. We walk alongside Tak as he uncovers mysteries of what happened to him and the world while he was asleep. We feel the pain, despair, and loss along with him on each stage of his journey.

Nothing Up Its Sleeve...

Altered Carbon is based on a series of novels written by Richard Morgan. The elements of Morgan's books have been used in the series, but it's mostly a brand new narrative set within the book's framework. Human consciousness has been digitally stored in pieces of hardware called "stacks," which can be transferred across bodies known as "sleeves." Sometimes, due to crime or disobedience, stacks are kept in stasis for years, sometimes even centuries.

When we rejoin Kovacs, his stack is "spun up" into a new sleeve, and he's tasked with investigating the supposed suicide of a wealthy businessman. The second season sees him in a new sleeve, tracking down a former love interest who seems hellbent on bringing havoc to a world whose fragile political balance is always in danger of toppling. In both cases, what starts as a seemingly simple problem spirals into complexity remarkably quickly.

Who's In the Cast of Altered Carbon Season 3?

The Cast - Altered Carbon

No details are confirmed about casting for the new season as yet. However, based on season 2's finale, we can make a few predictions. Renée Elise Goldsberry will likely return as revolutionary leader Quellchrist Falconer. There's no question we'll see the return of Chris Conner as the AI Poe as well. You might have known there's no mention of Kovacs, and that's because we're not sure what sleeve we'll find him in this season. While Anthony Mackie lent his talent to Kovacs in season 2, it's uncertain whether he'll return as Kovacs's sleeve in season 3. Within season 2, intrigue led us to be introduced to an earlier version of Kovacs (Will Yun Lee). In the flashbacks, we noticed Young Kovacs feature quite prominently, and Kovacs might keep this younger sleeve as he continues his journey. Until casting details come out, we'll be holding our breath to see who gets carried over to the new season.

What's the Plot of Altered Carbon Season 3?

A Tale of Two Sleeves

There are two primary questions we want to resolve in season three. Firstly, we're not exactly sure what's happening with Kovacs just yet. Is he dead? Is he alive? What went on with him during the end of the second season? Are we going to follow older Kovacs, or the younger version spun up by Carrera? If we're sticking with the Kovacs we've come to know and love, how did he escape being 'real-deathed' (permanently murdered with no coming back) at the end of season 2? There's so much for the showrunners to explore regarding Kovacs' fate based on the close of season 2. The other major question we're left to figure out is what's going to happen to Poe? Who's that DHF that he's got stored inside his programming? Is it our Kovacs, or is Poe finally becoming the real human that he's longed to be for so long? Until the third season airs, we'll be stuck here, puzzling out what could be.

When Do We Expect Season 3 of Altered Carbon?

Season 2 came almost two years after the first season. By that release schedule, we shouldn't expect to see the series return until 2022. That's quite a wait, but with the way this story's shaping up, it's one that's well worth waiting for.

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