All The Ways To Watch Killing Eve Seasons 1-2 Online

All The Ways To Watch Killing Eve Seasons 1-2 Online

The widely popular show Killing Eve is about to see its second season come to an end and we will do you the honor of providing all the ways to legally watch seasons 1 and 2 online.

The second season of Killing Eve only just premiered but it's already only a few days away from its finale. The highly popular TV show caught me by surprise as I was completely unaware of how good it was going to be. It's one of those shows that you start just for the sake of it, only to find yourself hooked from the very beginning. The show follows the life of a bored MI5 security officer who finds excitement when a Russian politician is murdered. Eve is then tasked to protect the only witness and soon finds herself on a collision course with an assassin, Villanelle.

Now, if you're a cord cutter and want to find ways to binge-watch this amazing show without having a traditional cable subscription then you came to the right place. We will be delving into all the ways that you can watch Killing Eve online, no matter where you're from.

How To Watch Killing Eve Online In The US

BBC America App

If you're from the US, then you're in luck because watching Killing Eve seasons 1-2 have never been easier. All you have to do is download the BBC America App and as long as you have log-in and a cable subscription, you are all set. If you're not very app-savvy then you can just go straight to the BBC America website. Also, if you want to be a bit fancy you can stream it on Hulu. Sadly, only season 1 is available on Hulu at the moment but I'm sure we can expect season 2 sometime soon.

How To Watch Killing Eve Online In Australia

ABC's iview

If you're from Australia then you're also in luck. All you have to do is go straight to ABC's iview. There you can stream the episodes. Season 2 episode 7 is already on there.

Episodes air every Saturday at 11 am on iView in Australia.

How To Watch Killing Eve Online In The UK

We got some bad news for all fans of the show from the UK. Killing Eve season 2 has yet to air in the UK and BBC has not announced any information regarding its release date. Sorry folks! But, you can catch up on the entire first season using BBC iPlayer.

Wrap Up

US: BBC America or Hulu

Australia: iView

UK: BBC iPlayer

Canada: Crave 

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