'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 5: Questions That Were Left Answered And Unanswered

'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 5: Questions That Were Left Answered And Unanswered

With one episode left till the finale of the most anticipated tv series in the history of entertainment, there are questions that were answered and raised

HBO treated the fans of 'Game of Thrones' with a severe dose of drama on Sunday night by delivering the fifth episode of the eighth and final season of 'Game of Thrones'. Even though the fifth episode revealed a number of answers, it also raised a huge number of questions. Here are all the questions answered and all the other questions that cropped up. 

1. What events took place after Missandei's death?


After Missandei's execution, Daenerys, Tyrion, Varys, and Grey Worm were all reeling from it. After this incident, she and her team go back to Dragonstone, to regroup before the giant battle at King’s Landing.

2. Will Jon and Daenerys stay together?


Going by the looks of how the fifth episode unfolded, it is safe to say that these two will not get their happily ever after. Daenerys, upon learning about Jon's true parentage, begged him not to tell anyone. But, Jon told Arya and Sansa, and Sansa told Tyrion who told Varys. Varys was burned by Daenerys. Later when she asked Jon if she was more than his queen and kissed him, he did not seem to return her affection. Going by the looks of it, it seems that their happy ending is not a part of the equation. 

3. Cleganebowl finally happened


After a long, long wait, the audience finally got to see Cleganebowl happening, Gregor 'The Mountain' Clegane, who has effectively turned into a zombie by Qyburn, fights his brother Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane. The fight between the two brothers has been brewing since before the series began, and it deserved a bloody, nerve-wracking delivery on screen. The audience got that and it had no winners as the Hound took out The Mountain by pushing him over the wall of the Red Keep and tumbling to his death with him.

4. Who wins the last war?


Technically, Daenerys has won the last war, but what happens afterward still remains to be seen. 

5. Was Cersei's prophecy fulfilled?


The prophecy was told to Cersei when she was a kid by Maggy the Frog who has, for the most part, come true. She had married the king, but not the prince, she had three children and the king had plenty. She had her fourth child with Robert that did not survive. Even though the prophecy was not completely true, another part of the prophecy said that Cersei's younger brother will kill her, but that prophecy never saw the light of day. During the battle of King's landing, the audience learned that both Jaime and Tyrion tried in their own ways to save her. Though arguably, since Jaime ultimately convinced Cersei to stay with him, and accept their fates together, he technically killed her.

6. Did Daenerys actually go mad?


After watching the episode of last night, I think it is safe to assume that Daenerys has turned into the Mad Queen. Her decision to burn thousands of innocent people in King’s Landing, despite the bells being rung signaling Cersei has surrendered definitely indicates that something has snapped inside her. 

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