'Aggretsuko' Season 5: Here's Everything We Know So Far

'Aggretsuko' Season 5: Here's Everything We Know So Far

There's so much more in store for Retsuko as the fourth season concluded with a lot of action.

Aggretsuko also known as Aggressive Retsuko, is a Japanese animated comedy series based on the character created by Sanrio. The series originally premiered on Netlfix in 2018 and was followed by three more seasons. It follows Retsuko, a 25-year-old anthropomorphic red panda, company employee who is trying to live her best life while dealing with the problems young people have to deal with, both professional and romantic ones. To deal with her frustrations, Retsuko turns to karaoke where she channels her pent-up stress through death metal songs. 

Over the course of the four seasons, we see Retsuko deal with everything life throws at her and come out stronger. There's so much more in store for her even as the previous season ended after a lot of drama and action.

Will There Be Season 5 Of Aggretsuko?

While there has not been any official announcement as to a season five renewal, after the conclusion of the fourth, we were left with the reliable assurance that it will be back. After the explosive final episode of the fourth season, following the post-credits scene, the message: "Retsuko will return" flashed on the screen. The animated series will be back with more adventures.


What Is The Plot Of Aggretsuko Season 5?

As for what to expect in the next season, we will most likely see Retsuko return to her role as an accountant in the office. In the fourth season, she decided to leave behind her pop idol days. But she went her death metal singing as a side hustle to support Director Ton. Another important arc we saw was her romance with Haida that went at a snail's pace because of his insecurity. However, at the end of the fourth season, there was a change in his attitude and we can be sure to see their romance bloom.   

Source: IMDb

Who Will Be Cast In Aggretsuko Season 5?

The previous cast will most likely be returning to the new season as well. Retsuko and Haida voiced by Kaolip (with Rarecho doing the death metal vocals) and Shingo Katowill respectively, obviously be coming back, as will Fenneko, Director Gori, Ms. Washimi, and Director Ton, Tsubone, Anai, as well. We are also likely to meet new characters depending on the nature of the story in the next season.


When will Aggretsuko Season 5 Be Released?

The premiere date has not yet been announced officially and the previous season premiered on December 16, 2021. But considering how so far each season was released after an average duration of 14 months, we can expect to see the new season to be released early in 2023 sometime. 


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