'Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica or 'Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero' has a unique element in its plot, which makes it different from the usual anime series.

What is the fate of the second season of 'Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero'? Despite getting mixed reviews, fans are still looking forward to the second installment of the anime series. 'Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero' that is also known as Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica is a Japanese light novel series written by Tetsuto Uesu and is illustrated by Tamago no Kimi. The novel was soon adapted into a 12-episode anime series by Arms studio and aired for the first time between July 6, 2012, and September 21, 2012. The series was licensed by Funimation in North America. 

Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica or 'Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero' has something unique about its plot that makes it different from any other anime series. The plot is conceived of appealing content that becomes the best when it comes to fan service. Fans want to see ecchi content, and this series has them all. Now they want to know the status of the second installment as they have been waiting for the longest of time now. So, here is everything we know about the second installment. 

What Transpired In The First Part Of 'Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero'?


In the first season, there were selected citizens of Earth who were taken to the other world, and only a few of them had the luxury of returning to Earth. Out of those selected citizens, one was a young boy, Akatsuki Ousawa, who was sent to a world called Alayzard to fight and defeat the Dark Lord, Garius. He fulfills his purpose successfully. When the time came to return to Earth, some of the successful people chose to bring back little trinkets as souvenirs. However, Akatsuki took a different route and decided to bring back the daughter of the Dark Lord, whose name was Miu. In the first season, fans saw Miu being his long lost young sister. 

As Akatsuki returns with Miu, both of them are forced to join a special school called BABEL, where people who returned from other worlds were trained to master the powers they gained. The training was done to read them and prepare them so that when the time comes, they can serve humankind. The question with which fans were left to wonder in the first season is, will the secret about Miu being Akatsuki's long lost sister be revealed in front of the world, or will their dream to spend their life together be shattered? 

What Might Be The Plot Of 'Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero' Season Two?


Even though there isn't any confirmed or official information out yet about the plot for the second season, we can try guessing the obvious or at least the closest possibility and chances for the second season. Fans might be seeing the relationship between Akatsuki and Miu becoming stronger and deeper. They might also have to pretend to be a couple in the second season in order to hide about them being siblings from the entire world. We may also see a lot of drama happening between Haruka and Akatsuki as she might have a hard time confessing to him. The reason behind her hesitation could be several, some of them being the fact that she is shy or because she does not want to interfere in her best friend's relationship. Fans might also get a chance to see Miu and Haruka getting into a fight to get Akatsuki's attention. Who knows? 

Those who have watched the first season would know that Akatsuki's was not able to summon his weapon. Therefore, we might see him getting an upgrade in season two, where he is able to summon his sword.  

When Will 'Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero' Season 2 Release?


The fact that it has been nine years ever since the first season came out takes away the hopes of getting a renewal. Also, the fact that there hasn't been any official announcement about the renewal so far is disappointing. However, there is only one thing we can base our expectations and hope on, and that is the fact that the first season did perform great, and the light novel, manga, and the anime are doing well revenue-wise. So, it means that the sales are going well, along with its popularity amongst fans. If the anime manages to get renewed within the next few months, the new season won't likely arrive until 2022 or 2023. 

Do Fans Still Want The Second Season Of 'Aesthetica of a Rogue'?






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