Ace Ventura 3 Reported To Be In The Works

Ace Ventura 3 Reported To Be In The Works

After almost 25 years, the infamous pet detective is making a comeback to the big screen and word on the street is that Jim Carrey is on board with the project. Let's find out if there's any truth to those rumors

Jim Carrey is hands down one of Hollywood's finest comedic actors, if not the finest to some. He cemented his legacy in the land of funny in the 90s by starring in a series of films, including one where he starred as the ecstatic pet detective, Ace Ventura in 1994.
Carrey starred as the titular character first in Pet Detective (1994) and then its direct sequel titled When Nature Calls (1995). The strong reception and box office performance of both films allowed the series to amass a cult following that exists even to this day as well as an animated series under the same name as well as a standalone direct to video sequel titled Ace Ventura Jr.: Pet Detective (2009).
And now sources close to We Got This Covered or WGTC – the same ones that ported the development of Scream reboot as well as Bill Murray reprising his role for Ghostbusters 3, which have since both been confirmed – are now reporting that Carrey could be reprising his role as Ace Ventura for a second sequel, known as Ace Ventura 3.

Sequel Already in the Works?

Ace Ventura

Apparently, before WGTC even broke the news, production company Morgan Creek, which produced the first two films, was already in talks about bringing the series back since October 2017, but as a reboot instead of a sequel.
Although, MCE's president David Robinson said that the plan wasn't just to reboot the entire film, but also do a follow-up of sorts in which the original Ace Ventura would pass on his legacy to a brand-new character, perhaps either a long lost son or daughter. Robinson said the company would also relish the chance to have Jim Carrey reprise his role for the reboot as well if he wanted to.
After almost 2 years, a very interesting tweet was made by film industry expert Daniel Richtman from his twitter profile, showing a meme of the first Ace Ventura movie with the caption: β€œAce Ventura 3?!”


What makes this interesting is that Daniel Richtman usually provides reliable movie scoops. But since this isn’t an official confirmation, it’s best to take it with a grain of salt.
In order to get answers, one of Daniel's Twitter followers asked if this was legitimately happening or merely wishful thinking, to which he vaguely replied: "Something I hear."
Okay, granted this isn't something that we can hang our hats on but then we got a bit of fuel that made the fire even bigger when Morgan Creek Productions themselves tweeted this:


The production company shared a link to the article from WGTC with a pair of eyeballs emoji. It is awarded as an official confirmation, but it does have a bit of legitimacy to it if the very people responsible for the first two movies have pretty much acknowledged it.
One fan in the comment wrote, β€œJim Carrey does it or don't do it at all. Be class if it happens like. Love Ace!”
Another replied by saying, "If you have Jim Carrey I approve !!"
Then a third one chimed in by saying, "An unnecessary sequel from a 90's movie... Ok I'll take it this time because Jim Carrey.”

What Does Jim Carrey Have To Say?

Jim Carrey

When speaking to US Weekly last year, Tommy Davidson, who starred in Carrey's second film When Nature Calls, he said Carrey wasn't interested in doing a third movie. When he spoke to Carrey about doing a third film, Carrey, in David's own words replied: "'Hey man, it'd be nice in Jamaica.' He said, 'No I'm not doing those now'."
This is in direct conflict with what We Got This Covered reported just recently. However, since their news about Scream 3 and Ghostbusters 3 have been confirmed, and have said Carrey was interested in reprising the role, we can at least hope for the best with whatever the actor decides in the future.

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