'A Time Called You' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Will there be more of 'A Time Called You' on Netflix. In this article we explore all the possibilities.

A Time Called You Season 2

A Time Called You, based on the Taiwanese drama "Someday or One Day," is a masterpiece that revolves around the direction of Kim Jin Won, known for his work on shows like "My Country: The New Age" and "Just Between Lovers." The series boasts a talented cast, including Ahn Hyo Seop, Jeon Yeo Been, and Kang Hoon, who have breathed life into their characters. Are we going to see more of A Time Called You? Let's explore the possibilities.

Will There Be A Time Called You Season 2?

As of the last update on September 20th, 2023, Netflix had not yet renewed A Time Called You for a second season. This lack of renewal news shouldn't be too surprising, considering the series has only recently become available for streaming. Netflix typically takes several weeks to gauge a series' performance before making renewal decisions. Key factors such as its ranking in the global top ten, the number of views, and completion rates among subscribers will all influence the final decision.

What Could Happen In A Time Called You Season 2?

Before delving into the possibilities of season 2, it's essential to consider how the first season wrapped up. The conclusion of the inaugural season left many fans feeling content with the story's resolution.

After a series of time-traveling adventures, Jun-hee successfully saved Min-Ju's life and prevented In-Gyu from facing imprisonment. Despite the turmoil, Min-Ju had attempted to end her own life. Through Jun-Hee's intervention and her newfound wisdom, Min-Ju came to terms with the unrealistic expectations imposed upon her and learned to prioritize her own happiness. This transformative advice led her to recognize In-Gyu's unwavering support.

In the end, Jun-Hee made a profound decision to destroy the tape recorder, eliminating any further time-travel-related issues. This choice ensured that Chan-yeong could not travel back in time to harm Min-Ju, and it prevented Jun-Hee from meddling in her life. However, this act erased all memories shared by Jun-Hee and Si-Heon while in Min-Ju's body.

As Si-Heon and Jun-Hee's memories faded away, the story came to a poignant close, leaving the characters and their shared experiences behind. With all threads neatly tied up, the question arises: does A Time Called You truly require a second season?

While the story's conclusion appears final, there is room for speculation. In 2011, Si-Heon encounters Jun-Hee, seemingly Min-Ju, on a bus. Their mysterious connection persists, drawing Si-Heon to follow her. Although it remains uncertain whether their memories have been restored, their reunion hints at a potential future together. Rediscovering love for the first time could offer a heartwarming narrative.

Moreover, with the tape recorder destroyed, the possibility of further time travel is eliminated. However, as any time-travel enthusiast knows, paradoxes and unexpected twists are always on the horizon. While a second season may seem unlikely, the allure of time travel keeps the door open for additional drama.

A Time Called You
A Time Called You

Someday or One Day Only Had One Season

It's worth noting that the source material, the Taiwanese drama "Someday or One Day," also had just one season. While this might suggest a similar fate for A Time Called You, it's essential to remember that creativity knows no bounds. In 2022, a movie adaptation of "Someday or One Day" was released, introducing a brand-new time loop and further expanding the universe.

In conclusion, the fate of A Time Called You Season 2 remains uncertain. While the first season provided a satisfying conclusion, the allure of love, the enigma of time travel, and the potential for new stories keep the possibility alive. As we await Netflix's decision, fans can only hope for more adventures in the enthralling world of A Time Called You.