'A Quiet Place Part II': Ending Explained

'A Quiet Place Part II': Ending Explained

Did the Abbott family survive? Find out what happens in John Krasinski's much anticipated horror sequel.

The fight for survival continues as the Abbott family returns in 'A Quiet Place Part II.' The highly-anticipated sequel sees the remaining family members venturing away from their isolated house, looking for other survivors in the post-apocalyptic world overrun by monstrous alien creatures.

John Krasinski returned to write and direct the sequel, while his lovely wife, Emily Blunt, reprises her leading role. 'A Quiet Place Part II' is among the few sequels that lived up to the glory of their predecessors. There were plenty of tense, silent moments and heart-racing jump scares.

In case you still have burning questions regarding the film's ending, here is a detailed breakdown of what happened in 'A Quiet Place Part II,' including answers to some of your questions. 

Warning: 'A Quiet Place Part II' major spoilers ahead.

'A Quiet Place Part II'

'A Quiet Place Part II': Synopsis And Ending Explained

The sequel is set a year after the ending of the first film. Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and her children, Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus (Noah Jupe), and baby Abbott ventured away from their home searching for survivors. Regan brings a kit she made using her cochlear implant hearing aid, a microphone, and a speaker. In the first film, they survived using the cochlear implant, which gives powerful feedback that weakens the monsters and leaving them vulnerable to attack. Regan's kit proved to be useful once again after his brother Marcus was caught in a trap, screaming in agony. The kit managed to disorient the monster attacking them, allowing Evelyn to shoot it. However, the noise of the shotgun has attracted more aliens. The family finds refuge in an abandoned foundry and met a man named Emmett (Cillian Murphy). Emmet was a close friend of Evelyn's husband (John Krasinski), who died in the first film. Evelyn asked Emmett to allow them to stay in the bunker.

'A Quiet Place Part II'

Why Does Regan Want To Go To The Island?

While settling in their new shelter, Regan catches a radio broadcast of a song. Regan thinks that the signal is from a colony of survivors across the sea and decided to go on a deadly mission. She is planning to use the radio to broadcast the frequency of her cochlear implant hearing aid to any survivors, so they can use it to fight the aliens. Regan leaves her family in the shelter, while Emmet accompanies her.

Emmet and Regan almost got caught by a group of survivors near the marina. They managed to steal a boat and sailed to the island where the radio signal is coming from.

They realized that the monstrous aliens can't swim. Therefore the island seems perfectly safe. Upon reaching the island, they were welcomed by another group of survivors who continue to live normal lives, unbothered by making any noise.

One of the survivors (Hounsou) reveals that he was among a few people who managed to get to the island the day the aliens came and started devouring people. Emmet told the survivor regarding their plan. 

'A Quiet Place Part II'

Who Dies In 'A Quiet Place Part II'?

Unfortunately, a boat with an alien wash ashore and starts brutally attacking everyone. Regan, Emmett, and the other survivor get in a car and race to the radio station to lure the alien away. Sadly, the other survivor was killed by the monster upon arriving at the station. Using stealth, Regan and Emmet managed to sneak their way to the broadcasting room. But the door hinge squeaks as they tried to enter, causing the creature to know their location and attack Regan. Emmet tried his best to save her but was injured during the battle.

Emmett distracted the creature and Regan managed to emit the frequency from her implant across the airwaves. The frequency disoriented the monster, and Regan then kills it by bludgeoning it with a metal rod through its head. At the same moment, Marcus picks up the broadcast on his portable radio and uses it to incapacitate the monster attacking them back at the shelter. Marcus then shoots the alien with a revolver.

Regan, her mother Evelyn, her brother Marcus, and the newborn baby Abbott are all safe.

Emmet was still alive when the credits rolled. However, he has suffered severe injuries and has been bleeding profusely. It is unclear if he will survive.

'A Quiet Place Part II'

Will There Be 'A Quiet Place Part III'?

There is no official announcement yet, but there is still plenty of room for a third film. The signal from Regan's hearing aid can be a great help for humanity to survive. It will be interesting to see how humanity slowly turns the tide against these alien creatures. As for Emmet, we don't know if he will be able to survive after the brutal encounter with the creature. We also don't know what happens next to the survivor in the islands. One thing is for sure, Evelyn is not alone in protecting her family. Regan and Marcus have proven that they are willing to sacrifice and carry the huge responsibility to keep the family safe.

When asked regarding a potential sequel, Blunt told Collider:

“[John] has a whole arc of ideas that could work,"

“I think he just wanted to see how people responded to this one before he fully engaged his brain on the third one. But he has a couple of great ideas.”

We will keep an eye on future updates for you. Do you want to see another 'A Quiet Place' film?

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