A New Theory Suggests That Mike Is Trapped In The Upside Down As Fans Spot Kate Bush Clue

A New Theory Suggests That Mike Is Trapped In The Upside Down As Fans Spot Kate Bush Clue

Mike's fate may be foreshadowed in the lyrics of "Running Up That Hill"

With only a few days left till the last few episodes of the Stranger Things Season 4 premiere, the fandom theories are heating up. 

A new theory has now surfaced, saying that Kate Bush's song "Running Up That Hill" is foreshadowing something to come about Mike.

The song has been used a lot in the show and was even pivotal in saving Max from Vecna's grasp. The song was also used in the trailer for volume 2 of season 4.

It's clear that the song has some relevance to the show and fans have predicted that the lyrics could be letting us in on a hint on what is to come.

The Duffer Brothers have said that Mike will have an "emotional scene" in the second volume. One Reddit user named Kalli said 

The Duffer Brothers have said Mike has an emotional scene at the end of the season. Also, they’ve kept his scenes in volume two largely out of the trailers.

Mike's absence in the trailers could be that he is stuck in the Upside Down after making a brave sacrifice to save Eleven from Vecna’s clutches. We have seen that Mike has been struggling to express and prove his feelings for El. And the lyrics of the song "Running Up That Hill" reference making a deal and trading places.

The Redditor said: 

We know he loves El, but is also feeling a lot of guilt about not saying it. And then there’s Running Up That Hill that references making a deal and trading places.

We found out Vecna's true identity and that he is after Eleven. Mike may have to step in, in a very brave way to stop Vecna from taking Eleven into the upside-down.

I’m thinking Vecna wants El to come with him to the Upside Down as retribution for banishing him there. But Mike makes a deal with Vecna - to show his love - and takes her place. This will set up season five, which will be Mike stuck in the Upside Down, and the crew trying to rescue him.

What do you think about this new fan theory? Does it hold up?

Stranger Things Season 4 volume 2 is set to premiere on July 1st, 2022.

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