Prepare To Be Spooked As A New Momo Movie Is Coming From The Makers Of 'The Ring'

Prepare To Be Spooked As A New Momo Movie Is Coming From The Makers Of 'The Ring'

The Momo challenge was an extremely dangerous and creepy challenge that mostly targeted children and now it is being made into a full fledged movie.

Perhaps, there is nothing scarier than an internet hoax that just refuses to die down. Most of us remember The Momo Challenge, the creepy looking statue made the rounds online in early 2019 and stirred up controversy for encouraging children to harm themselves. Eventually, the entire thing turned out to be a hoax and as the controversy surrounding Momo slowly died down, it looked like we have seen the last of her. 


But, as it turns out, she was a scary enough villain to come back, and she did find a way back since we have learned that a movie on Momo is being made and honestly I am questioning myself if I am ready for that horror show. As reported by Deadline, Orion Pictures, along with Vertigo Entertainment and producer Taka Ichise have decided to make a horror movie based on Momo. 


Vertigo Entertainment has brought us the movie 'IT' to the big screen and it only proves that these guys are pros at haunting viewers with unsettling images, just like Momo. The name is attached to an extremely creepy-faced woman with lank hair, bulging eyes, and a haunting, thin smile.


In reality, it was actually a sculpture called ‘Mother Bird’ which was a part of the gallery exhibit in Tokyo for Japanese artist Keisuke Aisawa. Last year, Momo started a suicide challenge on WhatsApp where she would give people tasks and even encourage them to take their own lives. Even though the concept was later said to be a hoax, officials kept an eye out and charities still urged parents to keep an eye on what their children were doing online.


The moral panic surrounding the incident eventually died down, but the hype has started building once again as a movie based on it is said to be in the works. The details about the movie are sparse as of now, but if we check Lee and Ichise’s previous works, it is safe to say that the movie is going to be terrifying. Apart from creating the movie 'The Ring', the duo has also worked on 'The Grudge'. Given the fact that the face of Momo is haunting enough, it can only be imagined how scary the movie is going to be. 

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