A Greenland Sequel Has Been Confirmed

A Greenland Sequel Has Been Confirmed

Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarinis are both set to return for a sequel to the SMASH hit "Greenland"

It's official! Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarinis are both returning as John and Allison Garrity in the sequel to Greenland.

The film will be titled Greenland: Migration and is expected to be another SMASH hit. Ric Roman Waugh and Chris Sparling are both set to return to write and direct.

The first film, simply titled "Greenland," performed quite well. It was released last summer in the midst of the pandemic and grossed a fairly impressive $52.3 million worldwide on a $35 million budget. The success was also topped with a hugely popular release on SVOD and an exclusive run in the U.S. on HBO Max.

It also managed to score 77 percent on Rotten Tomatoes

At the end of the movie -SPOILER ALERT- the Garritys survived the comet strikes by traveling to a heavily fortified bunker in Greenland. The sequel will continue to follow the Garrity family as they emerge from the bunker and venture aboveground to find a new home in the frozen wasteland that was once Europe.

Filming for Greenland: Migration is set to begin sometime in 2022.

In a statement to Variety, Waugh said:

Greenland spoke to our humanity in the middle of a global catastrophic event, highlighting what people are capable of doing to one another, both good and bad, when it’s life or death

Some fans of Greenland aren't too keen on the idea of a sequel, though. The first movie ended on a hopeful note, and many believe that it ended perfectly. A sequel could ruin the entire story, but it's fair to note that the sequel may capture hearts a bit more given that it's more human-focused. With the comet already done its damage, we wouldn't expect them to continue the same story. Greenland was a story of chaos, while Greenland: Migration could be a story of redemption and the power of human determination.

Are you excited about the idea of a Greenland sequel? 

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