A Dragon Ball Z Disney Cinematic Universe Is Rumored To Be In Development

A Dragon Ball Z Disney Cinematic Universe Is Rumored To Be In Development

A rumor about a possible Dragon Ball Z Disney Cinematic Universe is circulating the web and here's why it can actually be true.

Disney found loads of success with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we can probably expect them to milk that cow till the very end. But what new tricks does the Mouse House have in store? Well, it seems like they are working on a new live-action Cinematic Universe revolving around the popular Anime Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z

This is only a rumour that was started by the popular Instagram artist, ultraraw26. In the post, he mentioned that he heard that Disney is attempting to replicate the success of the MCU with this new Dragon Ball Cinematic Universe. He went on to mention that it is only just a rumour and he doesn't know if it's true.

He wrote:

I heard this rumor few days ago that Disney is planning to start a new Dragon Ball live action franchise with hope of replicating the massive success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now this is only a rumor, I don't know if it's TRUE or what.
I only hope to see super saiyan 4 make an entrance one day on the live action screen.

He also shared his post with a super-cool image. It could just be a plot by the artist to get more attention but let's explore how it can actually be true.


How Can It Be True?

This rumor can actually be 100% true.

If you didn't already know, when Disney bought Fox Studios it got the rights to all of its properties. And amazingly enough, the rights to the Dragon Ball Z films were formerly owned by Fox Studios. So, basically, Disney now owns the film rights to Dragon Ball Z.

One must note however that the live-action version of the Dragon Ball saga has mostly been a tremendous failure. In 2009, Fox Studios released the live-action film Dragonball Evolution which grossed an immensely disappointing $55.7 million at the Box Office. Since then Fox Studios has not released any new live-action versions but still kept the rights. Now, with Disney at the helm maybe we can actually get a proper live-action Dragon Ball Z film.

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