91 Days Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Will 91 Days Season 2 grace our screens? Dive into the suspense as we explore the chances, potential content, and release prospects of this gripping anime sequel.

91 Days Season 2

Crime-drama enthusiasts and anime fans alike were treated to a captivating masterpiece with Studio Shuka’s renowned anime, 91 Days. This series quickly soared to the top of the charts, garnering international attention and acclaim. Crafted by the visionary director Hiro Kaburagi and penned by Taku Kishimoto, 91 Days stands as a unique original anime series. With animation by Studio Shuka, a studio founded by former Brian’s Base members, it presents an art style and narrative that have struck a chord with both critics and viewers. Set in the backdrop of a town named Lawless, the story unfolds amidst a thriving underground trade in illicitly brewed liquor. Our protagonist, Angelo Lagusa, also known as Avilio, escapes the town following a tragic loss of his family in a mafia feud. The series encapsulates his quest for revenge, years in the making.

The thirst for a 91 Days Season 2 has been unquenchable, leaving fans eagerly awaiting news about its potential renewal. The burning question remains: will the studio give the green light for another season? Join us as we delve into all the details you've been longing to know.

Will 91 Days Return With Season 2?

After the spellbinding success of its initial season, fans found themselves yearning for more. The demand for a follow-up has persisted over the last seven years since its release in 2016. Despite the anticipation, Studio Shuka has yet to officially announce the fate of 91 Days Season 2. However, don't let uncertainty discourage you; the possibility of a continuation still remains.

The unique aspect of 91 Days lies in its originality; it isn't tethered to any pre-existing source material. Its renewal hinges solely on the triumph of its debut season. Thankfully, the series garnered both commercial triumph and a devoted fan base, serving as a solid foundation for a subsequent chapter. The prospect of Season 2 is still alive and well.

Moreover, fret not about the lengthy hiatus. Unlike their American counterparts, anime often experiences substantial gaps between seasons. Renowned series such as Attack On Titan and One-Punch Man have subjected fans to waiting periods of four to five years. Similarly, 91 Days might require ample time before making a triumphant return. As of now, all we can do is await an official pronouncement.

91 Days
91 Days

What Could Be The Plot Of 91 Days Season 2?

In a departure from the norm of anime adaptations, 91 Days originates from an original narrative. Consequently, crafting a sequel entails formulating an entirely new storyline. With Season 1’s narrative neatly concluded, continuing the exact plotline isn't feasible. Nevertheless, the upcoming season may draw inspiration from established characters while possibly staying within the realm of Lawless and reintroducing beloved personas.

What Could Be The Release Date Of 91 Days Season 2?

Patience is a virtue, especially for fans yearning for the resurrection of 91 Days. But it doesn't at the moment seem like 91 Days is coming anytime soon. We'll keep you posted when any new updates come our way.